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Written by Niek on 25 August 2015.

This editorial is written because it is personal clear to me, that my thoughts and my understandings of what I hear or read from others, in Dutch or any other language, is my personal and exceptional view. The reason for this item is, that what I hear or see, is nothing more than my interpretation of what I understand of it. I may like it or not. That is not the question. It is the other one's vision. As I understand it. Like your thoughts and your understandings are yours. So your green may be another green than my green (with more or less yellow in it). Nevertheless we call this color both green. Without knowing if my green is really the same as yours . We may think so. But do we really know, that we see both the same green? I doubt that. And I do not want to call the green I see, to be the reality also for you. Just for me is OK. But also for you? I doubt that. Because this is most possibly not right. Because there may be some thousand expressions of green!

The same may be the case with a simple word like - for instance - the word 'table'. That mostly may be just understood like something that is round or square, or oblong or only just something with three or four table legs. In fact this means,that in both cases - as well by the word 'color' as well as by the word 'table' (etcetera) - we have no idea about what we are talking in reality. We do even not know how big, high or low this simple expression of the word 'table' may be. And the question is still open if this table is made from wood, iron or plastic etc.

So it is still not at all an unique observation: that we have in fact no precise idea where we are talking about! Because you have your understandings of what a table is, like I have mine. And we have that idea possibly already also for a long time. By the way we got it also in different times and different ways and in different cultures. Depending to our personal history and to our own experiences so far. Nevertheless we think both, that we do have the same item in mind. Which I think is in fact highly arrogant. Because I have no real idea about what you have in mind. Maybe there is something happening that I can observe it in relation to it. And that proves me, what really is going on for you. But still this is my observation. My table is mine and yours is still yours...


CCI teachers in California

Written by Niek on 15 June 2015.

Fred Wallace informs us about a CCI teachers training next September at Berkeley, California USA. He writes us: 'The growing CCI communities in the San Francisco - Berkeley area of California has reached a stage where they need their own CCI teachers. Fred Wallace has been flying across the United States to teach fundamental trainings and advanced class during the last year and one half. This is an exiting time´, he writes us and follows: ´as CCI Co-Counseling is growing in one of the large true progressive communities in the US. With their own crew of teachers, CCI will spread throughout California and other Pacific coast states. This is an exciting time'.
The teachers training will start on next September 4th, and the following days: the 5 fifth, the 6th, the 7th, and the 11th, the 12th and 13th. The flyer about the whole course Fred send us too. It is mentioned in the Read more! We wish all those who will follow the training at Berkeley all our best wishes and good luck! And especially also those who want to join this self responsible activity!


a well that keeps flowing

Written by Niek on 15 June 2015.

book Fred(the original article of this text has been re-written by the author of this book. Thanks for that Fred.- Niek)
Fred Wallace, an American CCI Teacher, who I met at the first European CCI meeting in Hungary, has written a book on CCI Co-Counseling that is now available on the web. The book begins with the author's story of his own experience that led him to Co-Counseling, his experience learning Co-Counseling and his becoming a CCI teacher. He then explores CCI culture which he believes impacts us practitioners as profoundly as what happens during session work. He then explains the elements of Co-Counseling that he feels are most vital to the effectiveness of the practice. He provides some fictionalized sessions to demonstrate the power of session work. He concludes the book exploring the role of the co-counselor (helper) and shows the importance of the role in developing the capacity to love and as a key to acquiring a full, human, honest self-acceptance. It is written in a fast moving style that is open to all those who have a reasonable grasp of English. The author hopes the book will stimulate experienced co-counselors to deepen their practice, while also bringing CCI Co-Counseling to a large group of people who wish to bring more meaning, love and joy into their lives.


a Dutch-German CCI meeting

on 12 June 2015.

IMG 0307The last international CCI meeting between the Dutch and the German CCI communities was in 2014 in Germany at the CCI-Europe workshop in Germany (in Osnabrück). There they decided, living so close to each other, to meet each other also in between of the CCI-Europe International meetings. As they were used to do in the years before. The decision was made and Joke Stassen (Netherlands) and Hilla Siebenkotten (Germany) made it happen on the weekend of Friday June 5th until Sunday June 7th at 4 PM in Donkerbroek (the Netherlands). The theme of the meeting was, to celebrate our diversity. Fifteen people attended the meeting. Two of them, from Germany, attended only the last day. The program was self generated and created the very first evening. Six Germans and eight Dutchman attended the meeting that was announced by the CIM community in Germany (Münster) and on the website of the Dutch CCN- community and in CCI World News Service.


CCI-USA 2015

on 01 June 2015.

new beginnings: sharing by Janice Wasser

Writing this article is my way, not only of sharing with others about CCI USA 2015, but finding a way to relive some of the many wonderful experiences I had during the 6 precious days at the workshop at the recent CCI-USA international meeting. Writes Janice Wasser from Israel. First and foremost, she writes, I want to congratulate the organizers for an incredibly smooth and well planned structure for the workshop.
It was great to see how so many people chipped in to help with setting up, offering careful attention to establish a comfortable setting and also helped clean up afterwards. The daily activities were very comfortably arranged so that we could use our time as efficiently as possible. The opening circles were not too long and ended right on time. I didn't feel wiped out from going over the numerous workshops and assigning spaces and accounting for numbers of people, announcements and the like.
We were able to be self-responsible and sign up for what we wanted and access information on the various boards during the time outside of the circle. Assigning support groups went very well in my opinion. I again applaud the organizers, taking on a difficult task, but managing it gracefully and with mindful detail. Again, I hit the jackpot with a super set of ladies in my group.


the CCI house in Germany 2

Written by Niek on 05 May 2015.

With 'the CCI house in Germany 2´ (see also our contribution in April 28 2015) we want to make clear, how the founders of the CCI community in Münster see the future of their community. So we invited Siglind Willms to tell us about her plans and their progress about the house. Their general idea is, to make sure that the house, being since 1976 the fundamental center for practical psychological and social support, will remain also in the future to house these activities. One of them is also to house, since 1998, the CIM activities of the CCI community in Münster. Since 1976 it houses already the activities of the psychological and social support along the co-counsel insights. It is this activity in special, that still is - and will remain - to stay in emotional individual progress along the CCI approach. The house accommodates also the activities of the official association of the house Kloppenburg. Leader of the board of this association is now David Schütz (CCI trainer). The board counts now five people: 3 men and 2 women. The staff of the center counts 5 experts.Siglind writes us that they cut the restoration of the house into 3 parts.


meeting Germany-Netherlands

on 03 May 2015.

Those who have done their CCI fundamental training in the Netherlands or in Germany are invited to attend an international weekend between the CCI communities in both countries on June 5 until June 7 2015 at Donkerbroek. The idea to meet each other is a result of the international CCI-co-counsel meeting in 2014 in Germany. Several people came up with the idea to meet more often, living so close to each other. So was decided. The meeting in 2015 will be in Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands, some 200 kilometers from Münster. Near Münster was in 2014 the meeting of the CCI meeting in Europe. The meeting Germany-the Netherlands 2015 will be at the former farmhouse at Kapelweg 13 in Donkerbroek. The theme of the meeting is: 'celebrate diversity'. The number of participants is limited to 18 people. Participants are welcome after 5PM on Friday evening. Opening circle starts at 7,30 PM and the weekend is over on Sunday June 7 at 4 PM. If needed there is a possibility for translation. The costs are € 90,- or € 75,- for those who stay overnight elsewhere. Room at Donkerbroek is limited, camping is possible, also nearby. There is a registration form at at the Dutch CCN website.


the future of Haus Kloppenburg

on 28 April 2015.


The house Kloppenburg in Münster in Germany is the CCI co-counsel center of this university city since a very long time. Our connection started in the early years of 1990. The house itself dates back to the early sixteen hundreds; the CCI community started about 1975.


confidentiality and shame in CCI

on 12 April 2015.

One of the essentials of the CCI approach is how to handle one's emotions satisfactory. Another essential is the maintaining of confidentiality during what we call the CCI-co-counseling 'working time'. That means that whatever is said, within this working time, will never be mentioned outside the four walls of that sharing. During the 'fundamentals' training of the CCI introduction, lots of time is spent practicing this item within and also outside the course. Similarly, recent publications in this field do pay attention to aspects of honoring this confidentiality.
Within CCI co-counseling, you are allowed to report your personal impressions. It is always your impressions and your view! We live from our subjective experience. The subjective experience of others is different from ours- even when there are similarities. If while visiting an ordinary pub somewhere in Connecticut (USA), we take a photo without permission - we break others' right to confidentiality and anonymity. This is opposite to the tenets of the CCI approach.


several months ago....

on 26 March 2015.

Several months ago, just before leaving for New Zealand on December 23, we wrote our last article for CCI World News Service. It was summer in New Zealand at that time. We liked the change in temperature and language; and looked forward to the meeting of dear friends from long ago. Coming back to the Netherlands was a reverse change, which was good as well - in spite of the seasonal change to bitterly cold.
One of the Americans attending the 2015 CCI meeting in New Zealand, Rob Metcalfe, wrote for this Newsletter his personal impression of the of the New Zealand community in a poem. It is published in this article as well.
With our return, we've had time enough to think over how to continue with CCI World News Service, an issue that has been in our thoughts for a long time. CCI World News is still not yet completed. We recognize that there is a time to start (now already 15 years ago), a time to end and a time to review the CCI experience of today.

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