the CCI house in Germany 2

Written by Niek on 05 May 2015.

With 'the CCI house in Germany 2´ (see also our contribution in April 28 2015) we want to make clear, how the founders of the CCI community in Münster see the future of their community. So we invited Siglind Willms to tell us about her plans and their progress about the house. Their general idea is, to make sure that the house, being since 1976 the fundamental center for practical psychological and social support, will remain also in the future to house these activities. One of them is also to house, since 1998, the CIM activities of the CCI community in Münster. Since 1976 it houses already the activities of the psychological and social support along the co-counsel insights. It is this activity in special, that still is - and will remain - to stay in emotional individual progress along the CCI approach. The house accommodates also the activities of the official association of the house Kloppenburg. Leader of the board of this association is now David Schütz (CCI trainer). The board counts now five people: 3 men and 2 women. The staff of the center counts 5 experts.Siglind writes us that they cut the restoration of the house into 3 parts.


meeting Germany-Netherlands

on 03 May 2015.

Those who have done their CCI fundamental training in the Netherlands or in Germany are invited to attend an international weekend between the CCI communities in both countries on June 5 until June 7 2015 at Donkerbroek. The idea to meet each other is a result of the international CCI-co-counsel meeting in 2014 in Germany. Several people came up with the idea to meet more often, living so close to each other. So was decided. The meeting in 2015 will be in Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands, some 200 kilometers from Münster. Near Münster was in 2014 the meeting of the CCI meeting in Europe. The meeting Germany-the Netherlands 2015 will be at the former farmhouse at Kapelweg 13 in Donkerbroek. The theme of the meeting is: 'celebrate diversity'. The number of participants is limited to 18 people. Participants are welcome after 5PM on Friday evening. Opening circle starts at 7,30 PM and the weekend is over on Sunday June 7 at 4 PM. If needed there is a possibility for translation. The costs are € 90,- or € 75,- for those who stay overnight elsewhere. Room at Donkerbroek is limited, camping is possible, also nearby. There is a registration form at at the Dutch CCN website.


the future of Haus Kloppenburg

on 28 April 2015.


The house Kloppenburg in Münster in Germany is the CCI co-counsel center of this university city since a very long time. Our connection started in the early years of 1990. The house itself dates back to the early sixteen hundreds; the CCI community started about 1975.


confidentiality and shame in CCI

on 12 April 2015.

One of the essentials of the CCI approach is how to handle one's emotions satisfactory. Another essential is the maintaining of confidentiality during what we call the CCI-co-counseling 'working time'. That means that whatever is said, within this working time, will never be mentioned outside the four walls of that sharing. During the 'fundamentals' training of the CCI introduction, lots of time is spent practicing this item within and also outside the course. Similarly, recent publications in this field do pay attention to aspects of honoring this confidentiality.
Within CCI co-counseling, you are allowed to report your personal impressions. It is always your impressions and your view! We live from our subjective experience. The subjective experience of others is different from ours- even when there are similarities. If while visiting an ordinary pub somewhere in Connecticut (USA), we take a photo without permission - we break others' right to confidentiality and anonymity. This is opposite to the tenets of the CCI approach.


several months ago....

on 26 March 2015.

Several months ago, just before leaving for New Zealand on December 23, we wrote our last article for CCI World News Service. It was summer in New Zealand at that time. We liked the change in temperature and language; and looked forward to the meeting of dear friends from long ago. Coming back to the Netherlands was a reverse change, which was good as well - in spite of the seasonal change to bitterly cold.
One of the Americans attending the 2015 CCI meeting in New Zealand, Rob Metcalfe, wrote for this Newsletter his personal impression of the of the New Zealand community in a poem. It is published in this article as well.
With our return, we've had time enough to think over how to continue with CCI World News Service, an issue that has been in our thoughts for a long time. CCI World News is still not yet completed. We recognize that there is a time to start (now already 15 years ago), a time to end and a time to review the CCI experience of today.


cooperative education

on 21 March 2015.

by Thomas Scheff

tom2Cooperative learning is becoming a powerful voice in world education, writes Thomas Scheff, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California (USA) in this article called 'a problem in cooperative learning'. It proposes that kids (9-12 years old, going to high school) learn about their social emotional world. He continues: 'Although promising in the social part, mainly thru the use of team teaching, it appears to be weak with respect to emotions. So far there has been only the mere mention, in passing, of the names of some of the common emotions, such as anger or fear. That is to say if follows the practice of modern societies of dismissing emotions as unimportant, not referring to them at all, or so briefly as to amount to dismissal. This note suggests a provisional way to begin to add emotion components to cooperative teaching, based on descriptions of each of six emotions: grief, fear, anger, pride, shame and fatigue.


Dutch CCI activities 2015

on 28 December 2014.

The Dutch CCI community, called CCN (Co-Counseling Nederland), announces in a special Newsletter of December 20thies, their members and other interestands about a new Back to basics course and two other coming eventsn for the next  year.
They are: first a so called back to basic course on 6 and 7th March 2015 at Donkerbroek, second a new initiative for learning and exercising handling your emotions according to the CCI approach end third an international CCI meeting between German and Dutch co-counselors in Donkerbroek from 5 till 7 june 2015.
In the meantime I write this, while seeing big buildings from Auckland, a former capital of New Zealand. Arriving here on the first Xmas day 2014 at 8 o' clock in the morning, to attend the CCI meeting in January 2015. The sun shines and it is a gift to meet so many dear friends again!


CCI Israel 2013 (b)

on 03 December 2014.

by Rose Evison and Richard Horobin

how did you experience Old Jerusalem?

Amazing and overwhelming! A city on a hill, surrounded by walls and streets still often on the Roman plan. Layer upon layer of buildings, huddled together, both religious and secular, with many 'streets' underground. Of course there was a great diversity in religious buildings, not only Jewish synagogues, Christian churches, and Islamic mosques, but many divisions within these religions.


CCI Israel 2013 (a)

on 03 December 2014.

by Rose Evison and Richard Horobin

an editorial explanation

Following the first CCI international meeting held in Israel, during October 2013, Rose Rose   Richard a4Evison and Richard Horobin report their impressions of their visit to that country. Rose and Richard are a couple well known in CCI circles world wide, and are also known for their slogan "Co-counselling is about changing yourself and your world". Recently, since a report of their experiences, produced following an interview for a Scottish co-counselling magazine, was still "in press", they enquired of the Editor of the CCI World News Service if he was interested in publishing a version of this interview. They also proposed he sought comments from the Israeli co-counsellors on what has happened since CCI Israel 2013. The Editor liked these suggestions because of the authors' role in CCI (since 1974) and also because they have a message for the CCI community in general. So the floor is theirs!


getting older

on 25 November 2014.

The saying 'we all get older' is - in Dutch - what we call a sick joke or a so called 'open door'. This is because it is too much the truth. We all have to do this: face the reality of our aging. Whatever belief we have or not, this is common to all of us.
Getting older myself (I am now almost over 83!), is still in my view a joyful thing! And getting older is not in my control. It just happens. Similarly with aging for all of us, life looks like a process that just overcomes you, whether you like it or not. Thus with facing aging, all can reflect on the question 'Have I used my time well?'
One benefit of aging is that your personal history still grows inside you. It is like a film that unrolls itself- like an evolving process! For myself, it is as if I am back in my fifties and there is still a lot to be thankful for! For example: the kind of people, I met during those years, encouraged me to become the person I am now. And all of them contributed to my being who I am now. Some of them may never known this!

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