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Written by Niek on 26 March 2015.

Several months ago, just before leaving for New Zealand on December 23, we wrote our last article for CCI World News Service. It was summer in New Zealand at that time. We liked the change in temperature and language; and looked forward to the meeting of dear friends from long ago. Coming back to the Netherlands was a reverse change, which was good as well - in spite of the seasonal change to bitterly cold.
One of the Americans attending the 2015 CCI meeting in New Zealand, Rob Metcalfe, wrote for this Newsletter his personal impression of the of the New Zealand community in a poem. It is published in this article as well.
With our return, we've had time enough to think over how to continue with CCI World News Service, an issue that has been in our thoughts for a long time. CCI World News is still not yet completed. We recognize that there is a time to start (now already 15 years ago), a time to end and a time to review the CCI experience of today.

And it is highly important (in my view) to continue to describe how our thoughts and insights have evolved within the global CCI experience of individuals and world-wide communities. Plus we are celebrating all those, who are no longer among us- individual models who greatly contributed to the evolution of the CCI approach today. So - in short – CCI World News wants to continue its publishing activities as long as I and others are able to do so. Knowing that each of us understands individually, we choose to embrace the CCI principle of honoring the diversity of varying viewpoints.

One important contributor is Tom Scheff, who is about 85 now. Recently he sent us an article about different emotions and their descriptions in British English; as well as in American English, French, German and in Spanish. He describes his world overview with the Google Ngram Viewer - developed by Jon Orwant and Will Brockman. Google Ngram Viewer digitized some 5.2 million books. From his summary, he describes how the different emotions are defined in his English.
His original article was quite large - about four different articles. He and I decided to skip the original article; and replace it with another shorter one (recently published in CCIWNS). In this article, Tom states 'that there is practically no explanation of the emotional part in each emotion's terms.' In both the original and this shorter article, he describes 'the incredible chaos of emotional language both in vernacular and scholarly usage'. It is this description which attracts my interest- because it is not only a chaos in each of the emotional languages he mentions (different types of English as well as French, German and Spanish), but also in the structure of each individual language.
For your information- it was Thomas Scheff, who in the late 60s and early 70s of last century, introduced John Heron into the re-evaluation co-counseling approach (at a lecture in Britain). Tom is now professor emeritus in sociology at the University of California (USA), besides publishing articles for CCIWNS.
John Heron is, together with Dency and Tom Sargent, founder of the Co-Counseling International (CCI) approach- in which the non-authoritarian peer approach is core. This peer CCI core has evolved into the co-operative inquiry practice of gaining insight into oneself.

CCI 2015 in New Zealand
Being back in New Zealand was a great experience for me! The highlights went beyond seeing the first daylight over the ocean of Xmas day 2014 and seeing 2015 New Year's morning in the nearby swimming pools of Wellington! We traveled back by car along New Zealand's east cost of the North Island up to Cape Canaveral in the North- where two oceans meet. Our travels ended at the CCI meeting of the NZ community 2015 - near the city of Auckland. We will publish some personal impressions about CCI-NZ later. My impressions will include a rather profound CCI-exchange between two CCI participants of New Zealand and one American CCI teacher. Though I did not understand everything they were discussing, I participated in their discussion successfully. Through hearing their discussion, I developed the following insight: "Understanding each other is not only the role and responsibility of the sender, but also the responsibility of the receiver." If the receiver does not want to understand what the sender is saying, they simply do not hear it at all. Although the subjective tone of the receiver can become blaming, both sender and receiver have the capacity to recognize and understand the other. From understanding, both can choose respectful communication which honors the view of the other. This modeling of healthy communicating is a reason to celebrate.
We end by quoting the poem of Rob Metcalfe- expressing his impression of CCI-New Zealand; followed by his perceptions of the CCI-NZ Business meeting 2015:

Ocean eyes streaming welcoming gazes-
Invitations rippling with soft embraces-
Receptive absorption of warm breezy connections.

Questions bubble to my sea surface:
Who am I evolving into?
What feeds and nourishes my tidal journey?

The seed of Me, planted eons ago,
Now is fertilized and nurtured-
sprouting into new-green seedlings- -
stretching toward expansive blue skies.


Rob Metcalfe


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