impressions: CCI NZ 2012 (2)

on 26 January 2012.

The third day (Thursday, anchor person Dawne) we 'dismantled' parts of the main hall after our opening circle for the funeral/ceremony for Jim Chapple. It was also the day that we started with singing a Maori song, facilitated by Kathleen and Dawne. And it was the morning, that I was invited by Dawne to explain the session ingredients of the CCI sign language as they were presented at the walls in the hall . In that explanation I memorized the side advantage, that practitioners more easily refuse the proposed suggestion by signs, than by wording. Because they do not need to use their brains for translation! Workshops of that day were: 'Tantric women' a co-counsel/tantra workshop only for women. She adds: 'How present we are in our intimate relationships is a direct expression of how we are in the world, and what does equality actually mean? Exercise and discussion bring us to the center of our true expression/life force.

impressions: CCI NZ 2012 (1)

on 26 January 2012.

photo lake

On top of my memories about the CCI international meeting 2012 in New Zealand (Aotearoa) from 3 to 9 January at  Taupo, North Island, is the need to find my own way. To be aware of my own feelings and to act on that. At the same time I realize, that there was as well a lot that 'followed the usual habits'. Like recognizable activities related with the developed patterns of behavior, as we are used to practice them within the CCI approach. drawing lakeThe benefit of the need to be creative myself is, that I am entitled to generate my own creativity, based on my own feelings: to do it my own way! And that was healing and inspiring! On the other hand, it felt 'lonely'. And there was definitely a connection with the past – and in my view – often also a lack of energy and a need for self centered interest. Maybe even an excuse. Because 'it was a busy year'; because 'co-counseling is not as attractive as it deserves', because there is no teacher active in the hardly existing Wellington community.

CCI Aotearoa 2012 is over!

on 12 January 2012.

Auckland, January 11
The CCI meeting in the Southern Hemisphere, Aotearoa/New Zealand is over. Mixed feelings are the result at this moment. There  was no email contact after arriving the second of January at the venue; 'belonging' was the workshop item and 'death' and 'young life' were for me very acknowledged on the background. Now a week ago there was a funeral at the venue.  At this time, a week later, there is a celebration for Dave, a member of the New Zealand CCI community who passed away the night before the closing circle of this international CCI meeting.


2011: thanks!

on 28 December 2011.

niek 2011.jpgThis last editorial contribution for CCI World News Service in 2011is dedicated to review some highlights of the content of this website in the ending year. This last contribution is written where the idea to start with an internet CCI newsletter, now 11 years ago, came into reality: in Wellington, New Zealand. After the, at that time common production of a ' daily paper' at the CCI international meeting near the  capital of Aotearoa / New Zealand in 2000, I decided that it might be time for a follow up. With thanks to those New Zealanders who helped me to produce that 'daily paper' on internet – and thanks to those CCI-USA members, who offered me their feedback on that experiment. 


what's love got to do with it?

on 19 December 2011.

Tom Scheff recently published a book called: 'What's Love Got to do with it? Emotions and Relationships in Pop Songs.' In March of this year he published in CCI World News Service several articles about this item. Now he publishes a book about this  item by Amazon publishers  for less than $ 20,-, he informs us.  There are some positive comments on the back cover. One of them is by the   composer/conductor David Amram. He writes: 'Thomas Scheff's new book, What's love got to do with it,  successfully addresses the seemingly impossible task of analyzing the lyrics selected from decades of American popular music as way to show the reader the cultural and social ramifications of these lyrics and how they reflect the way each generation dealt with the ups and downs of loving relationships. Like Thucydides History of the Peloponesian War,  Scheff is there in the midst of things, and his front line reportage is both thought-provoking and brilliant.' Another commend is by Donald Black, University Professor of the Social Sciences at the University of Virginia.

creativity and discharge

on 12 December 2011.

The very last edition of the (British) Here and Now internet site, published for four years now, several times a year by email, and only for CCI co-counselors, publishes last Sunday evening also a contribution about a possible 'relationship' between 'creating' and 'discharging' in CCI co-counseling. This Here and Now internet site was a wonderful personal initiative of a member of a British CCI community. It is a pity that this internet (email) initiative in its original intention will not be continued. Though they announce that some email information (about UK – and possible other - CCI meetings) will be published by internet. Quoting of articles of this closed circulation was only permitted if the author was asked permission to do so, and only in CCI circles. The service has been issued for four years and offered members to communicate about issues of their interests and or showing their creative products as poems, visions in writing, sculptures etc.

CCI meeting 2012 USA

on 10 December 2011.


'The annual CCI-USA International Workshop', says the flyer announcing the CCI-USA international meeting 2012 , 'enables co-counselors from around the United States and the world, to come together and share energy, connection, and enthusiasm.' And it follows: 'We gather to build and practice our skills in co-counseling and to enjoy the warmth of community. The workshop provides time and space for personal reflection and sharing. It's an opportunity to check in with our inner selves and to acknowledge the strength and beauty of the CCI co-counseling communities across the United States and the world.

mindfulness and CCI

on 01 December 2011.

Not being a scientist has its advantages. I am a simple, practical (former) agricultural journalist and CCI trainer and that is why I try to communicate what I (seem) to observe. Within the CCI world as well as outside. And this all in relation between these both worlds, where I live in and with. The reader has to decide if that is of practical use for them, and if it makes sense. Looking at what happens and has happened in my lifetime, in this world and within myself, I try to communicate and to contribute to what I think is worthwhile to take into account. It is the ultimate personal decision and responsibility of each of us, to accept or to neglect it. That exactly is what we have in common! And that wants to be respected.

7 new CCI-ers in Ireland!

on 22 November 2011.

We do welcome, with great pleasure, seven new CCI co-counselors in the Irish Republic. They are trained by Bobby MacLaughlin and James Crook. Bobby informs us that they have just been accredited today, 20th of November 2011. They had a great workshop; started with ten people, 3 dropped out and 7 remained and are truly excellent! Congratulations to all!

a support to change?

on 22 November 2011.

I wonder if the expression really is correct, that the CCI approach in general may be seen as 'a support to change', as I suggested in 'the not knowing' editorial of the edition of November 16th (calling it, incorrect,  'a remedy for change'). This expression has not yet been checked in a CCI meeting or a workshop with those who practice this approach today. And it causes some other questions as well.

reviewing the wording

on 22 November 2011.

One of my habits after creating an article is, to read it before publishing and to read it again and again after that as well. The reason why, is: because I want to know – or to experience – if what I wrote, really expresses what I wanted to communicate. And sometimes – or more times! - after publishing, I am triggered to change some words.

the not knowing...

on 16 November 2011.

Attending different CCI meetings in different years, I am triggered by the observation that it seems to me, as if most of the participants, including myself, are busy – or only – interested, in their own being in the here and now. So they are 'only' triggered by all what they bring with them and or meet at the spot. There is – of course – and also in my view, nothing wrong with that. We all are busy with all what is happening now and with the need (to try) to live in peace with what has happened to us in our past, present and future. That is the most nearby. So this observation is nothing more than logic.

CCI Netherlands: 25 years

on 08 November 2011.

The Dutch CCI community, as an official acknowledged entity, named 'Co-Counseling Nederland' founded in 1986, celebrated its 25th anniversary last weekend at a special meeting at the center for personal development 'Oostraven' at Epe, the Netherlands. Item of the meeting is: 'the art of living'. The meeting was attended by 28 members. Most of them came in on Friday evening after 5PM and left on Sunday 4PM.

different CCI meetings

on 03 November 2011.

Managing this site is an interesting and energizing thing. Sometimes I find it complicated because the website itself is housed somewhere on the internet. So not any more entirely in my personal computer. This means that I have to know, how to manage the different templates. And the best I do (also for them, who want to take over from me this task in the future) is to write my own handouts how to create that!

the power of creativity

on 03 November 2011.

creativityThoughts about the power of creativity in connection to our activities with emotional processes are not new. Not for CCI World News Service, since 2010 in its actual appearance, using the search possibility right on the top of this 'page'). That gives nine quotes in 1,5 year! Recently, last weekend, I experienced 'the power of creativity' personally again. So I 'googled' about 'power of creativity' and guess the outcome: more than 68 million results!

My interest is focused especially on 'the power of creativity in healing' and its energetic influence on the activity of discharge, as mentioned in this newsletter of June 10th of this year. Google informs me now that Mary Rockwood Lane and John Graham – Pole, long ago wrote an article on this subject published in 1994 in Arts and Aesthetics in Nursing (ISBN 0-88737-609-6) with the annotation that 'the views expressed in this publication represents the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflects the official views of the National League for Nursing – in the USA.

new ways...

on 24 October 2011.

Daily papers, news agencies on internet or by satellites (television) and others, are daily informing us about what happens in our world. That is great. Because it promotes our idea, that we participate in the big world, as well as – more or less - in our local community. Doing so it is wise to realise, that some sources are more reliable than others. For sure. As they are political as well as commercial or otherwise influenced.

back to the human size

on 17 October 2011.

Saturday, October 15th was the day for a world wide protest. The protests, mainly against authorities, have in common with CCI that they, the protesters, do not accept any more any authority. As they within CCI, personally are not willing to accept any more, that somebody else tells them how to organize their personal live. They go back to the human size and their personal decision making. We call that 'emancipation'.

CCI 2012 Aotearoa NZ

on 17 October 2011.

The Spring 2011 issue of the 'Opening Circle' of New Zealand (Aotearoa) has just been published by email( 5 pages with a supplement of 2 pages). The editor writes: 'Writing an 'Opening Circle' is fun, interesting and takes me much longer than it might because each time I try something new'. And he did very well! Written in MS Word in color, available as PDF and starts with the CCI 2012 planning meeting and ideas for enrolling. This edition ends with the registration form for that CCI, to be send by snail mail to: CCI Aotearoa New Zealand, C/O Ian Baxter, 60 Motuhara Rd, Plimmerton, Porirua 5026, NEW ZEALAND. This registration form is also published (to be copied) on the flyer at their website.

five editors at work

on 07 October 2011.

editorsLast weekend 5 editors of the Dutch CCI website were at work together at Donkerbroek. CCN, the Dutch CCI community, has a website system that allows them to work simultaneously on the same site. And to do so from different locations! Editing a website like this has to be learned. It is technically complicated (at least it looks like that!). Last weekend was the third time that they worked together at the same location to discover what possibilities are available . And by doing so they shared the knowledge, how to do this. This in itself means that the community as a whole secures the continuation of the site. This is more than a one (wo)man show!

CCI-USA newsletter

on 29 September 2011.

On September 29th 2011 the first complete electronic newsletter ' Openings'  of CCI-USA (click here) has been launched. This newsletter is only accessible for members of CCI-USA. This issue reports, among other contributions, about the CCI Europe meeting in Hungary, a report about the Michigan CCI meeting 2011 and about a new way to co-counsel CCI telegatherings / teleconference. The CCI-USA paper issues of Openings has been passed now.

open letter to CCI

on 29 September 2011.

In this open letter to CCI invites Tom Scheff our readers to participate in a discussion on the issue of discharge on being angry. He joined in 1969 a co-counseling community; practiced for 41 years working with emotions and still is busy while being retired. Those who want to participate in this discussion are invited to do so by clicking here to reach him directly. And I strongly support this initiative. niek. As intro he writes:

to CCI Members: can we discuss the issue of anger discharge?


pre-CCI history of Europe

on 23 September 2011.

The Dutch CCI community (Co-Counselling Nederland) celebrates the first weekend of November, its 25th anniversary. Gathering facts for some kind of historic overview, I consulted the historic papers I received years ago from Hetty Kroes (Dutch CCI trainer of the 1980/1990) . A very interesting historic archive! So there is a handwritten note (possibly) of Tom Sargent (one of the three founders of CCI) that attached 'are the original documents which led to the formation of Co-Counseling International, Inc.' With a 'Note John Heron's date '4 July 1974', and an imprint of Tom 's name with 'Counseling Services'.

CCI Europe 2014 in Germany

on 23 September 2011.

By a reliable source we are informed that the Münster CCI Community in Germany recently decided to organize a CCI Europe 2014 meeting! The core of the organizers group will meet for the first time next November.

CCI on German television

on 18 September 2011.

The regional television, West Deutsche Rundfunk, visited recently Haus Kloppenburg in Műnster and interviewed Siglind Willms, the founder of this therapeutic center. This interview was especially about the book, she and Johannes Risse wrote together about CCI co-counseling in Germany ('liberate to peace'). Several members of the CCI community in Munster (CIM) were at the spot busy with their emotional work while the camera was shooting. So they filmed different approaches, in total altogether 5 minutes and 21 seconds on tv. It is to be seen for the next two days until Wednesday September 21 at the WDR-mediathek; choose 'Therapie ohne Therapeuten'.

relaunch London Community newsletter

on 18 September 2011.

With 'Hey! It's finally here. The long-promised relaunch issue of Open Space, the London (UK) Co-Counseling Community newsletter, 'informs us London's CCI trainer Tonya Stewart (UK). The aim of this newsletter is 'to provide you with a regular round-up of co-counseling and related events, news and comment from London and the south East... though national and international news will probably find its way in here too. Do you have news, comment or stories to be included in the next edition? Please send them in to me  'writes Tonya.

According to Google (Wikipedia), 'Open Space is most distinctive for its initial leak of agenda.' It informs, according to Harrison Owen, who wrote in the early 1980's a paper on what he called 'Organization Transformation', and invented the name 'Open Space'. Wikipedia states that this approach harnesses and acknowledges the power of self-organization. Owen suggests 'that it is substantially aligned with the deepest process of life itself, as described by leading-edge complexity science as well as ancient spiritual teachings'. In this issue is published 'what is on this season', CCI Southern Autumn Workshop', 'Autumn CCI Teachers' Workshop'and ' Resources and useful links'.


on 15 September 2011.

Silence is not only an excellent resource to contemplate, it even is a need (or a precondition) for that process. So a sudden silence is for me also a sign that 'something' might go on. If that had not been observed earlier. That happened recently to me, between the last and this update of CCI World News Service. Not only was my attention attracted by 'happenings outside me', some of them even deserve to be named as ' unique' happenings. One of them was about restoring a contact that got lost after the second world war. The modern communication possibilities (internet) played a major role in that!

25 years the art of living

on 15 September 2011.

The Dutch CCI community celebrates on the weekend of November 4th, 5th and 6, that they started 25 years ago as the official CCI community in the Netherlands. Though CCI was already well known and practiced in the Netherlands for 12 years! Past members are welcome on the Saturday from 1.30 PM on, and the venue (Oostraven in Epe) has room for 25 participants. The CCN (Co-Counseling Netherlands) organizers of this festivity published an invitation to their members in their website for this special weekend.

in the temple of apotheosis

on 15 September 2011.

On gossamer wings we flew into the world of our souls

included in Hungary

on 31 August 2011.

CCIWNS is grateful to Lanette, a CCI-USA co-counselor who attends for the third time a CCI Europe workshop. We are not only pleased by her sharing her experiences but also for the wonderful photo's she send us to make a choice! Thanks for your contribution Lanette! Niek

The theme of CCI Hungary 2011 was Inclusion/Exclusion and it was a co-created event. After all, we co-counselors know what a CCI is supposed to look like, sound like, be like; the big papers taped on the wall served as the schedule and they were filled in as we went through the week - actually just like any other CCI. Culture setting was done as a 15 minute skit by Joke of the Netherlands & Janice of Israel. Aside from its very humorous slant, the skit illustrated Client In Charge using very particular dialogue, asking specifically for what you want.

CCI Europe 2011 trainers gathering

on 23 August 2011.

Breaking the pattern that CCI trainers gather before an international CCI gathering, like they are used in Europe, has special advantages. Like reflecting on what happened at that CCI meeting, like being open and trustful after a week living together, and experiencing to do so in peace.

These advantages connected with special abilities bring the further process on to another level. So I observed next Sunday evening Àgota, being busy, while people are sharing, with deciding this item is individual, that item is collective. Thanks Àgota for that generous input!

highlights CCI Europe 2011

on 23 August 2011.

CCI Europe 2011 in Hungary (July 31- August 6) is for me 'a coming home'. Open to new approaches and unexpected happenings. Driving Friday night from Budapest on a highway, ending in a small road in a tiny village, and discovering that the hotel of ten years ago still exists, is an example! And so was the stop for a cup of coffee, Sunday morning on our way to the CCI venue in Monor, at the same place as ten years ago!

At the spot we were welcomed by the Hungarian hosts that Sunday evening: Àgota, Csaba, Saci, Gabi, Kami (Ildikó), Levente and others. Àgota reminds us that life has changed since the first CCI meeting in Hungary in1989 with about 150 people. Csaba invites us to look inside, opening our harts and search for exclusion and inclusion of people. Part of the opening of the meeting is also that Àgota takes us far back in the history of the Hungarian language as she also did the next morning.

a message in simple words

on 18 August 2011.

After (co) facilitating two workshops at the CCI Europe meeting 2011 in Hungary (July 31-August 6), I finally decided to offer a workshop on Friday the last full day of the meeting. A workshop about my views on the clearing and creative service of the CCI approach. The two other workshops were with Janice about 'differences' and with Lannette about 'how to grow CCI and why'. These three have a certain connection with each other. Like – for me - almost everything had, that happened to me these days. And that might likely also more or less created by me as well.

So by the opening ceremony of this meeting Àgota mentioned the roots of the Hungarian language, the possible connection with Sanskrit and even a language already developed at or before 200.000 years ago. That proves, in my perception, how basic the human need is to share what is going on inside and outside! Language is a typically human invention – as far as I know.

personal impressions CCI Hungary 2011

on 18 August 2011.

Janice Wasser

The CCI for me started on Saturday with the design meeting at Àgota's the day before the official CCI workshop would start. There were about 8 of us and even though I arrived an hour late, we sat for a few more hours to discuss issues around holding a safe and creative space for newcomers as well as veterans. We covered many issues involving fear and mistrust, inclusion and exclusion and came up with a plan for the opening circle.

Everything came together so beautifully on the first day – arriving at this magical venue in Monor at Hotel Nyerges with it's lovely welcoming atmosphere – the tree-lined lane off the main road with a beautiful pond at the entrance for the swans and ducks to enjoy and open corn and sunflower fields beyond where people could have a pleasant walk or run in the morning or evening. The extra special treat at this venue, beyond the pleasant staff, tasty food and well-manicured grounds, was the use of the thermal pools and the outdoor pool for exercise and refreshing and relaxing dips throughout the day.

working in the field

on 18 August 2011.

At the recent CCI European 2011 meeting in Hungary John Talbut, a well-known CCI trainer and editor of the One to One CCI newsletter in the UK, attended also a workshop about 'how to grow CCI and why' facilitated by Lannette and Niek. John shared, that he wrote an article how he practices this 'in the field' for One to One's closed circulation, only for CCI co-counsellors. He was willing to re edit it for CCI World News Service and we are pleased with his offer.

John writes: The Field is the field of personal development. It includes a huge range of activities from one to one therapies to conventional education. Activities such as 12 step groups, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), weight loss groups, victim support and the whole range of psychotherapies are in there.

to and back: CCI Europe 2011

on 14 August 2011.

sgmundThe way to the CCI Europe meeting 2011 at Monor in Hungary, as well the way back were special for the three of us. They were: Fred coming from New Haven, CT, USA and Joke and I both from Donkerbroek, the Netherlands. Travelling together in the same car was already a special ingredient for an historic journey. On the way to CCI Europe 2011 we started Wednesday afternoon (July 28) to visit our former neighbours, a farmer, who emigrated to Belgium near the boarders of Luxembourg and Germany. We shared emotions, enjoyed, the beautiful landscape and their new home. A year ago, when they left Donkerbroek they came by to say goodbye and we promised them to drop by on our way to CCI Europe 2011 in Hungary.   Arriving Friday evening in Budapest we contacted Àgota, the inspiring organiser of CCI Europe 2011, who invited us earlier to attend an organisers meeting the next day to prepare the start of the CCI meeting on Sunday. Our meeting, together with others, at Àgota's was indeed inspiring in activities for the opening ceremony of CCI Europe 2011!

After the teachers meeting, which was held after the CCI meeting at a Buddhist centre in a small village outside Budapest we began our journey back to Donkerbroek. In Germany we dropped by Fred's neighbour from New Haven, who visited with her two kids her parents in Schwäbisch Gmund in South East Germany, north of München. We were very welcome and next day Prof. Dr. Manfred Köhnlein, our host, presented us a wonderful tour in the old city. It contains seven monastery's of different types and we learned a lot about churches build in the Roman, Gothic, and Baroque style and their backgrounds.

CCI Europe 2012, Netherlands

on 05 August 2011.

The CCI Europe 2012 meeting will be organised by the Dutch CCI organisation CCN (Co-Counseling Nederland) in the northern province Fryslân at the former 'Folks High school' called Allardsoog at Bakkeveen. Exact 80 years ago Jarig van der Wielen (1880-1950) founded in this old farm the first Dutch, and original Danish, Folks High School. His nephew, dr. Henk van der Wielen, was also a very well know personality in that world and, as his uncle, a founder in 1932. Now New Allardsoog is a Conference Centre in the woods and almost centuries old heather plains, where the boarders of the Dutch provinces Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe meet. 

alienation and hidden shame

on 31 July 2011.

social-emotional causes of conflict (6)

In his last issue of his essay about the social emotional causes of conflicts em. Prof Tom Scheff pays attention to the outline of a course on emotions for everyone! So for both: students and non-students, He writes: 'The shape of this course is based on my own experience in teaching emotions. To bring attention to the new courses, films could be made for public broadcast, as discussed below.

I have been teaching emotions/relationships classes to undergraduates for many years. My intention was to help students discover their own emotions. The course uses discussion, rather than lectures. Basically we talk about the student's real life dialogues, the most difficult of them, what they might mean in emotions terms, and how they might do better.

Michigan CCI (USA)

on 26 July 2011.

The weekend of July 15th CCI Michigan organised their yearly CCI weekend. Lanette reports: 'The youngest and smallest CCI workshop gives treasures to savour long after the return home. Kudos to Beth, Gaia, Joel and Jennifer!! The 5th annual Michigan CCI hosted 18 participants with a 19th part-timer. Super Workshop at the Howell Nature Centre in Howell, Michigan, about a 40 minute drive NW of Ann Arbor. As pointed out by Joel Devonshire, a co-facilitator, there was no title given to this workshop, though, reflecting back to an offering made by Jennifer Janssen during a planning meeting: ' Do your damn work' became the improvisational theme. We thus proceeded to do so!

in commemoration of Nanno Huisman

on 25 July 2011.

nannokleur'To say goodbye, smiling, it blesses you and me' covers the announcement of the death of one of the first Dutch CCI trainers, and a man of great integrity: Nanno Huisman. Nanno passed away on Saturday July 23 in the age of 75 years. He was one of the co-editors of the manual of the Dutch CCI trainers coop (1995-2004). Recently, on the first of June, we paid him a visit in the South of the Netherlands where he lived, and talked about recent developments in the CCI world. Though very ill, for a long time already, he was well informed and interested in what was/is happening. We all were aware that this might be very well our last meeting. He waved us goodbye and we mourn that he passed away. At the same time, we are grateful to have met for so many years such an extraordinary personality. That he may rest in peace.

a CCI co-counsellor?

on 24 July 2011.

listenThe  first issue of the last update of this newsletter (published July 17th), called ' I am no longer....' - an active co-counsellor - evoked almost automatically my reaction: 'whatever that is'. Asking that, means for me, that I have to find an answer for that statement. First of all, it may be clear and honest, to mention, that we are talking about 'a CCI co counsellor'. There are many different varieties of co-counselling nowadays, since the start somewhere in the 1960ies by Harvey Jackins.  

alienation and hidden shame

on 24 July 2011.

social-emotional causes of conflict (5)

In this chapter of his essay about the fact that war and peace in modern societies are driven by social relationships and (hidden) emotions, em. Prof Tom Scheff continues with his views on alienation and hidden shame. 'The idea of two types of alienation, mentioned earlier, in connection with killings done by two persons jointly will be further considered here. The founder of family systems theory, Murray Bowen (1978), distinguished between two kinds of dysfunctional relationships, engulfment (fusion) when the bond is too tight, and isolation, when it is too loose. In engulfed relationships, one or both parties subordinate their own thoughts and feelings to those of the other(s). In true solidarity, each party recognizes the sovereignty of the other, but balances respect for the other's position with respect for one's own, no more and no less.

CCN celebrates its 25th anniversary

on 24 July 2011.

CCN, the Dutch CCI community (about 100 members), celebrates this autumn its 25th anniversary. The festivity of being an independent society, will be on the weekend of November 4, 5 and 6 at Oostraven in Epe. 'Oostraven' is a center for personal development in the woods of the center of the Netherlands. The CCI movement in the Netherlands, as a CCI community, existed already in 1974. It took ten years to become an official independent organization. JanPieter Hoogma was the first chairman of the official board; I started CCI co-counselling in 1982 and was a member of that board for five years. The actual chairman, Jacques Lelieveld states CCI co-counselling as 'a perfect way to gain insights in your motives how to perform in the actual world around you'. So the CCI approach is an art of living in his perception and as he says. Past members of CCN are invited to attend the Saturday 5th of November from 01. PM on, writes the entertainment committee: Marjan, Eveline, Paul, Nettie and Jacques on the totally renewed CCN website.

I am no longer....

on 17 July 2011.

The author of this article is, as we are informed, no longer a CCI co-counsellor (whatever that is) and tells this story. They wish to remain anonymous. We know them and are grateful for this sharing! They write: I am no longer an active co-counsellor – I am having a 'sabbatical' from co'-counselling. But I was deeply involved for over 15 years and I retain many friends within the co-counselling community.

angry enough?

on 17 July 2011.

'Angry enough to make it work', is the title of the July psychicawareness Newsletter by email of Lauralee M. Green. Lauralee, (email: is a member of CCI USA, travelling over the country doing an excellent job by informing people about the CCI approach. She is OK with CCI World News Service publishing this contribution. In her July Newsletter she asks you:

alienation and hidden shame

on 17 July 2011.

social-emotional causes of conflict (4)

In this chapter of his essay about the fact that war and peace in modern societies are driven by social relationships and (hidden) emotions, em. Prof Tom Scheff continues with:

Isolation and feeling traps

A theory of violence requires a way of explaining the extraordinary, indeed unlimited force and loss of moral and other inhibitions that produces violence in our civilization. In this section, two main kinds of recursive loops will be considered: a social loop of rejection/isolation on the one hand, and a shame loop, a feeling trap (Lewis 1971), on the other.

5 days CCI co-creating

on 17 July 2011.

view co-creatingFred Wallace and Phoebe Williams, outstanding CCI-USA co-counsellors, invite ten members of CCI-USA for a five days cooperative inquiry into the art and practice of Co-Creating, based on the work of John Heron, one of the founders of CCI, they write. In Co-Creating the client's process may include, but is not restricted to, working creatively and with great energy both within and between the following six ways:


the WWN society

on 08 July 2011.

I am part of an imaginary 'WWN society'. That is: the 'we want news' society. Because I have a hunger for news. I want to know what happens in the world. That started during World War 2. What news doesn't matter. It is an addiction. I confess. And CCIWNS is possibly a vehicle for that. An excuse, or (some) transformation..?

A transformation because some question are so strict private in my live, that it is hard to acknowledge them. I definitely am not the only one to admit this. It is about questions of live and death, for instance. Or more specified: my own death. Or some illness we fear. Or loosing our job etc. And all these examples link me up with my emotions. Or maybe just because of that, I also show these patterns of avoiding and neglecting.

introduction to a CCI-USA training

on 08 July 2011.

The CCI-USA organization created last winter a course to support those who facilitate others to introduce them into the CCI approach of co-counselling. They do so in such a way, that each of them fully can experience the benefits of that approach in handling their personal emotions in a for them healthy, safe and effective way. Those who introduce others into this approach have, each in their own way, benefited from this experience for years. That is why they are named teachers or trainers in their home community.

alienation and hiddem shame

on 08 July 2011.

social-emotional causes of conflict (3)

Having compared modern and traditional dialogue in terms of alienation and solidarity in the last issue of em. Prof. Tom Scheff 's essay about alienation and hidden shame, he continues with saying: 'we can now move to emotion management in modernity. And he call this part of the essay:

losing control: emotion/alienation loops


interacting manifestations

on 01 July 2011.

Preparing myself for attending the next CCI Europe meeting (2011) in Hungary, which is for me - since 1989 a special activity: to open myself for accepting new experiences - I checked several CCI websites. So I visited as first the site of the South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry. So to say John Heron's and Barbara Langton's website. And again I was attracted by its spatial design and the permission John grant me, to copy his images on CCI World News Service, being impressed by them.

invitation to come to CCI Europe 2011

on 28 June 2011.

On behalf of the Hungarian organizing team: Agota, Csaba, Gabi, Kami and Saci sends Csaba us an invitation to attend the CCI Europe international meeting 2011. He writes: 'We are glad to have received your application and would love to welcome you and tune into our times together. If you are still wondering whether to come and join us or not, please read our Welcome letter and we hope it will inspire you to join us.

alienation and hidden shame

on 26 June 2011.

social-emotional causes of conflict (1)

In this recent essay describes em. Prof. Tom Scheff how social emotional relationships and emotions causes conflicts and wars. In his eyes the key emotion of (hidden) shame is especially involved. So in modern society are war and peace possibly driven by social relationships and by these emotions. He also describes in this important essay some preliminary steps to take. CCI World News Service is proud to publish his views in the coming weeks  in 6 different parts.

the CCI expressions dictionary

on 26 June 2011.

The dictionary of CCI co-counsel expressions counts some hundred different items. Click here and have a look at the last edition of May 2003 in pdf and in English. The first issue of this kind was published in Dutch in 1996. The first electronic one was issued in 2003 and publicly available by CCI World News Service.

the process of understanding

on 19 June 2011.

For days now the process of understanding is my topic. It is a complex item, taking into consideration my need to understand and to be understood. First question in this respect is for me if there is a difference in communicating in my native language versus another language? And if so, is there a special responsibility as sender, and is here also a responsibility as receiver? Or is this always a pre-condition in both cases?

what evokes my liberation?

on 10 June 2011.

This paper is the  introduction to a CCI topic for a skype sharing in July or August 2011.

CCI skype sharing

on 10 June 2011.

From now on 'CCI skype sharing' is a special activity within this CCI Service website. For the time being it is no more than a try out. A try out, because the intention is, possibly next July or in August, to organize a CCI skype sharing about the topic 'what evokes my liberation?'. A month later there will be a CCI skype sharing on the topic 'presentation of CCI skype sharing'. For both sharing CCI World News Service takes the responsibility (as initiator and as facilitator). Further activities in this field are the responsibility of readers. Our service will be in the publicity field of this activity. Though it is not forbidden for the News Service to organise a sharing if they think that appropriate.

CCI-USA messages

on 10 June 2011.

Three different messages has to be communicated now about activities in the USA. First a celebration of a commendation process on May 5th of Robin Leal Carver (CCI USA Connecticut). A commendation process is the last step to becoming a CCI teacher. The picture shows all who attended. 'It was a great day and we're all very happy for Robin. She'll be a great teacher' writes Chris Sanders. More information about this process is coming! Second, is a CCI meeting in Howell's Nature Center, from July 15th to 17th and third is the disaster by a recent tornado in Springfield Massachusetts.

first CCI Skype sharing

on 08 June 2011.

My personal impressions of the first CCI video sharing by Skype are mixed. For several reasons. Because a CCI sharing, with people from other countries is, in my experience, strongly connected  with a more or less meditative journey to another country. It also is connected with slowing down my usual hectic being busy. And my home and all my papers around me are far away. Sitting in my own office with my keyboard, printer etc. around me I am in an other world.

CCI video conference

on 06 June 2011.

Last Saturday, June 4th was the first CCI international meeting by Skype with four people. It was the idea of em. Prof Tom Scheff (University of California) when he mailed me, on May 13th , writing: ‘Skyped a talk to a conference in Canada this am. Fun! Would like to have a Skype chat along the lines of free attention /discharge’. Is that possible?, he asked. Together we developed this idea and shared it in an email with seventeen CCI trainers, most participating in the list of CCI trainers of this site, in different countries all over the world.  
The project contains ‘to use Skype for a CCI sharing about a topic around handling emotions in the CCI way. The one who’s topic is to be shared, is the facilitator of that meeting. He/she writes an introduction about the item, for those who participate in the sharing. They also create afterwards an article for CCI World News Service about their personal impressions of the sharing. Readers can also respond.’

enjoying anger in the zone

on 06 June 2011.

a try out

This article ‘enjoying anger: in the zone’ has especially been written by Tom Scheff, connected with a try out for the first international CCI sharing by Skype. This first try out, with four people, was Saturday June 4th , and attended by Tom, in the morning at Santa Barbara on 09.00 AM, in the Netherlands by Joke and Niek in the evening at 06.00 PM in Donkerbroek, and by Janice at 07.00 PM in Tel Aviv in Israel. Two others, Phoebe and Gaia, both at noon in Massachusetts and in Michigan USA, were not able to attend. So was Celia from the UK, and she invited us to go on with the process. She mailed me ; ‘I'll be sad to miss it but glad it is happening!  :-)’.  A personal report for CCI World News Service about this happening, and about the thoughts how to continue, is under construction. Tom wrote especially for this happening:

the Dutch CCI network

on 30 May 2011.

amsterdam_1_1The Dutch CCI network in action, yesterday (Sunday May  29) in their general meeting in Amsterdam of the association ‘Co-Counselling Nederland’ (CCN) is fully alive! Yesterday 14 members (of the nearly 100) attended the general meeting. They welcomed Jacques Lelieveld enthusiastically as their new chairman.


managing impossible emotions (3)

on 27 May 2011.

The name of this chapter ‘In the Zone’ of Tom Scheff’s latest book ‘managing impossible emotions‘ is about one of the most impressive expressions of the CCI approach. That is in the CCI vocabulary: ‘ the balance of attention.’ He writes:
This section will expand upon the way the zone (midpoint between avoidance and flashback) might allow for enough safety to experience any backlog of emotion, no matter how seemingly overwhelming. How can one feel safety, and indeed, even pleasure, when experiencing intense emotions that are ordinarily felt as unbearable and/or overwhelming?

managing impossible emotions (2)

on 20 May 2011.

'With these kinds of observations as background, ‘continues Tom Scheff his article about managing impossible emotions in relation to what is called within CCI circles: the balance of attention. He writes: ‘I was struck by a story told by the noted actor Ian Holm. On one occasion he had muffed his lines, but when he became aware that he was blushing, he blushed more. The more he became embarrassed by his blushing, the more he blushed and the more embarrassed. This process went on, he said, until he ended paralyzed in the fetal position, requiring that he be carried off the stage.

welcome Tonya!

on 18 May 2011.

Tonya Stewart is the 10th CCI trainer from the United Kingdom, joining the world wide trainers list of CCI World News Service. She is the 45th trainer on our list and is very welcome! She writes in her statement at the list: ‘ The co-counsellor's toolkit is equipped with gadgets and gizmos that can help excavate, clear, rebalance and revitalise the human psyche – and that remains relevant, however young or old you are and whatever decade you are living in!’ And continues by reminding: ‘CCI co-counselling, as a discipline, is also refreshingly dogma-free. And the beauty of it is that it's the client - not the counsellor - who is in charge and who has all the resources to bring about his or her own self-healing.' Hear, hear!

welcome Barbara!

on 15 May 2011.

We welcome Babara Woodis-Ihloff on our list as CCI trainer in the USA. She is 'a long term'  CCI trainer and one of the three continuity persons for CCI-USA. She writes – and we feel honoured - : 'My love for this community and for co-counselling feeds my soul. In addition, I now have cherished friends all over the world. What a blessing!'

the power of creativity

on 13 May 2011.

It is early morning. I hear the birds in the garden, telling about the new day. A rooster far away does so too. A few snatches of a Skype conversation yesterday evening whirl in my head. Creativity is one key word. Discharge another. Connected with my history of learning how to manage my emotions in a for me satisfying way. And all the time – nearly 30 years - in between those days and the here and now.

managing imposible emotions (1)

on 13 May 2011.

Managing impossible emotions is prof. Thomas Scheff’'s latest version of the way in which the balans of attention leads to discharge, he mails us. This article will be published in 3 editions. This is edition 1. The others will be published next May 20 and May 27. He writes:
tom scheffAbstract. This note suggests tentative answers to three broad questions about emotions: Why are they often either hidden or out of control? How do these transformations from normal emotions come about? How can they be managed more effectively? The answer suggested to the first two questions is that emotions can loop back on themselves, having feelings about feelings, sometimes without limit. Feedback loops can produce emotions that are experienced as either unbearably painful or out of control. The answer to the third question involves zones that allow one to feel emotions, and to also observe oneself feeling. These zones are possible because of the human capacity for role-taking; seeing one’s self from the imagined point of view of another person. The difficulty of accessing the zone may be a product of the nature of the self in modern societies, which seems to be dominated by a non-reflective ego. Some implications of these ideas for persons and nations are suggested.

measuring the immeasurable

on 11 May 2011.

'Science illuminates the missing links in our understanding of spiritual practices' writes the website of 'sounds true' to day (also on facebook, twitter and you tube). 'S T' is a USA publishing company founded in 1985 by Tami Simon and her tape recorder and exists to inspire, support and serve personal transformation and spiritual awakening. It is now an independent multimedia publishing company with more than 80 employees and a library of more than 600 titles

CCI USA 2011 (7)

on 10 May 2011.

choices to make

Viewing my CCI USA 2011 activities, and those of the 'after CCI happenings', one thing became very clear to me.  These happenings were like: talks in the Co-Counselling House in New Haven; like a workshop of Joke about 'writing and CCI co-counselling', giving Natalie Goldberg's 'Wild Mind' book all the benefit it deserved; like a Comega board meeting somewhere in Connecticut, and attending a CCI-USA teachers meeting in Hartford.
What became clear to me is especially: 'what simple and clear question do I have to ask my self?'. Because it turns out to me, to be most essential to word the right question in the right way, to gain not only a simple answer but also the right and satisfying answer. The less clear my question is, the more vague my answer is as well. This conclusion came to me after a quite 'long-term process'.  It seemed to me as if a process of years came to an end. And not a simple end as well. That also is clear to me.
Time by time I started to discover by my self that it was at the end, also by my  happenings in the past, that it was me and only ME, who had to make  the choices . Nobody else – or nothing else – had to take that responsibility for the way I want to live. And the choice that had to be made turned out to be the more clear than I ever thought. Though it took a long time! I regard that now as part of a whole process of becoming aware of the core of the question I had to ask myself.

CCI USA 2011 (6)

on 10 May 2011.

the workshops I attended

My intention at this 2011 CCI USA meeting was, not to be bothered by making notes of what happened and who did what, when. The result is, that I needed much more time to figure out what I did at this CCI meeting! And the final conclusion is, that I was right to trust to be open for a process that unfolded itself!
That started with attending Jenny’s imaginal dialogue workshop on Wednesday afternoon. Possibly the foregoing meeting of several support groups together  – preferable of six persons each – to make your personal statement – contributed to my personal effect of this afternoon workshop.
The  workshop of Jenny started with the statement, that what we experience is all about ourselves and the invitation to accept that ‘there is an intelligence’ (or an awareness) that is bigger than you, by reaching into a deeper level.

... just listen

on 09 May 2011.


Observing people who are listening, that is what Rudolf Giesselmann's photo book , recently issued (March 2011),  is about (price USA $ 23,76; € 20,00). Rudolf is a CCI-counsellor and CCI trainer in Hamburg, Germany of this non-authoritarian method of handling your emotions in your own way.  He writes us, that the content of the book is easily explained by a quote of Dr. Karl A. Menninger (1893 - 1990, American psychiatrist). He says: ‘ Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.’ Sabine Gürtler wrote a foreword. She writes:

pop songs and emotions (5 - end)

on 27 April 2011.

In the last part of the preface writes Tom Scheff in ‘what’s love got to do with it?: emotions and relationships in pop songs, (ISBN 978-1-56451-815-7) that emotions provide value in the universe of thought and beliefs.Our society teaches us that it is the outside world, behaviour, and thought that are important, not the inner life of emotions.

CCI USA 2011 (5)

on 25 April 2011.

an emotional connection

siglind 2 300x209

Since the start of my reporting about CCI international meetings, for the first time at the European CCI meeting in the Netherlands at Groesbeek in 1994, I wrote a more personal  overview of the workshops I self attended. First this was part of a 'wall paper' report, only for the participants. The last day of these meetings there was a copy  for them available of all issues to take home. In 2000, at the CCI international meeting in New Zealand this evolved into an electronic information and the start of the CCI World News Service.


CCI USA 2011 (4)

on 23 April 2011.

morning 300x198workshop descriptions

Here follow the descriptions of the topic group workshops at CCI USA 2011, as they were  ticked on the board of daily offers by the facilitators themselves. The first came from Fred Wallace as described in CCI USA 2011(2).

CCI USA 2011 (3)

on 23 April 2011.

coco-cafe 300x225the coco-café

Part of the daily opening ceremony circle at CCI USA 2011 was an American version of the daily 'Irish' CCI coco-café 2010 in the evening. Special in this American version is, that the participants of the morning ceremony are invited to sit (on the floor) around some 12 imaginable tables (= carton discs).  And on each 'table' about four to five people to share their opinion for about 7 minutes around a topic suggested by the facilitator(s) of the morning circle.

CCI USA 2011 (2)

on 22 April 2011.

programs 300x203daily programs

Besides early morning activities there was a wide range of workshop items available at the CCI international meeting in the USA (April 12-17). Like a 12 steps meetings and meditations. And after the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, there were the daily opening circles – facilitated by different persons- and the daily 'next day program-meeting' in the afternoon, the daily meeting of the  support groups – each of about 6 persons – .

pop songs and emotions (4)

on 19 April 2011.

In the preface of ‘what’s love got to do with it?: emotions and relationships in pop songs, (ISBN 978-1-56451-815-7) writes Tom Scheff about emotions that accompany the emotion of love. He writes: ‘Here are some representative heartbreak lyrics in which the representation of emotions other than love is fairly transparent. They all involve an extreme situation, loss of the loved one, usually because of rejection. Less extreme situations, such as those that don’t involve complete loss and/or rejection, are seldom considered. Pop love songs aim for the highly dramatic, rather than the long haul.  Emotional pain within requited love, for example, is virtually unknown.   

CCI-USA is over....

on 19 April 2011.


Before the international CCI meeting in the USA, April 12-17 at Incarnation Center in Ivoryton CT, USA ended we had a photo session of the whole group with different camera's.


on 19 April 2011.

This is a wording of what may be called in Mexico (CCI) 'co-counseling' . Like Daniel, from Germany, recently shared with me in an email. He informed me that he, being in Mexico, met people busy with co-counseling. And my attention was drawn about his  experiences. I shared with him mine at the, by the both of us well known Haus Kloppenburg in Münster in Germany. Now years ago. Like being impressed and pleased, by my experience, that their way of practice is as effective as the one I am used to go in this CCI world. So I invited him to share his experiences with the CCIWNS readers.

CCI co-counseling: the benefits

on 12 April 2011.

In a free time CCI movie presentation this afternoon (Friday April 15 2011) Joke Stassen presented as producer, for the participant of the CCI-USA international meeting the second CCI movie. At  CCI USA  2010 a group of cocounselors was asked to speak about how cocounseling influenced their lives and how they benefited from that.. Nine of them speak in this second CCI movie called: CCI co-counseling: the benefits. This new film is now in a so called wmv file. available. If your media player doesn't start automatically, you might have to start your media player first, and then click the link below. The CCI-USA participants were enthousiastic about this new presentation to explain publicly what effects are of the CCI approach.logo

 CCI CoCounseling: the benefits

pop songs and emotions (3)

on 12 April 2011.

tom scheffThere is a large scholarly literature on pop songs, but most of the writers only discuss very general and abstract ideas (writes Tom Scheff in ‘what’s love got to do with it?: emotions and relationships in pop songs, by Tom Scheff, ISBN 978-1-56451-815-7). Many essays have made the point that pop love songs are not like real love. But they don’t go on to point how they differ. Similarly, the idea that pop songs matter because they evoke emotions is also not new. Most observers of popular music agree.

'cultural' differences

on 09 April 2011.

windhamAfter a day of traveling -and all kinds of difficulties to overcome! - we met our American hosts before CCI-USA 2011 at a tearoom/pub/ice cream selling point at Storebridge (Massachusetts). Our trip started at 1.30 AM (local USA time) and ended that day 11PM at Windham (Connecticut). Due to a train accident in the Netherlands we needed that morning to travel southwards in stead of westwards to the airport. We arrived more than 1,5 hour later than scheduled at Amsterdam airport. For both of us - the new electronic ticket system for public transport did not work correctly  and the flight schedule of our Delta plane changed and had another delay of about an hour.

just me?

on 05 April 2011.

'Is it just me, or is there a kind of global awakening taking place: a 'shift' where more of us are waking up to our true potential?' That is asked by Tonya Stewart, a CCI trainer from London (UK). We met her at the recent 'science of emotions' workshop of the UK CCI trainers at Newmarket. Her website has recently been renewed and opens with this question. And she continues: 'This process, which has been forecast for some time, has been termed 'the shift of the ages' and has, I think, been catalysed by the rather challenging situation we find ourselves in – a global 'crisis' created by scarce resources, environmental changes and crunched credit, to name a few things!'

pop songs and emotions (2)

on 05 April 2011.

This book (‘what’s love got to do with it?: emotions and relationships in pop songs, by Tom Scheff, ISBN 978-1-56451-815-7) will compare the imagined emotional world of pop songs with a more realistic world of emotions and relationships that I have glimpsed as a social scientist, and offer suggestions toward improving both worlds.  You will note that many of the lyric quotes in this book are quite brief, usually only two lines. This kind of abbreviation was necessary because of copyright restrictions. Two lines, but no more, are deemed “Fair Use” without copyright permission. I was willing to do this because the complete lyrics are readily available at no cost to the reader in one or another of the many, many online lyric websites. If you want to see a complete lyric, just Google the title. In almost all most cases, you will find not only the words, but also the music.

CCI-USA 2011 'welcome'

on 01 April 2011.

Samantha and Meredith, program planners of CCI-USA 2011, write a welcome letter to those who participate in the CCI-USA international meeting from April 12 till April 17th at Incarnation Centre in Ivoryton CT USA. I am impressed by their wording so I asked permission to publish their text. It says:


Adjective: Lovely, Celestial, Of Surpassing Excellence Verb: To Discover, To Declare, To Perceive by Intuition or Insight. CCI is just around the corner... we are SO excited! The theme is ‘Myself, Divine.’ In our culture of validation, we hold ourselves and each other as fabulous, wonderful, just divine! And, there are other meanings of divine: to seek, to discover, to figure out, to declare. So, bring your divine self and come be part of and take advantage of what CCI has to offer.

CCI co-counselors on the road

on 29 March 2011.

circle 1

members of the Dutch CCI community activated their present for CCI World News Coordinator's 80th birthday last weekend by working in the garden of the Beukehof in Friesland (the Netherlands) by replacing a compost heap and sowing colourful flowers for next summer!

pop songs and emotions (1)

on 29 March 2011.

tom scheffIn our most recent Skype talk Tom Scheff told me that recently his new book ‘what’s love got to do with it?: emotions and relationships in pop songs' (ISBN 978-1-56451-815-7) was launched by Paradigm Publishers in the USA. In their description they write: ‘What do pop songs have to say about love? Surprisingly, this book shows that most popular love songs express much more about alienation , infatuation, estrangement, jealousy, and heartbreak than about love. Sheff takes the readers on a tour of popular lyrics from eighty years of American songs to reveal the emotional and relational meaning of lyrics. He shows that popular love songs typically steer listeners away from a healthy connection to the emotions surrounding love. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of love songs while appreciating the author’s suggestion for how listeners and artists could enrich the art of love songs'.

messages from CCI-USA

on 17 March 2011.

Since the beginning of this month (March 2011) we received some 10 messages by email of Bob Sawyer who keeps the members of CCI-USA up-to-date informed about happenings in the community. He does a great job, because also those who are (in miles) far away, feel being part of the CCI-USA community by this personal and local informational work. Here we mention only some of them. In one of his emails he invites those who have friends in New York City or in San Francisco, to have a look at the site with a special blog of Jennifer Joy, CCI-USA trainer.

a new website!

This website first gives information about classes and events in New York City and in San Francisco, second links (to the website of CCI-USA and CCI World News Service) and third the blog of Jennifer.

music and our brains

on 14 March 2011.

Scientists have found, reports McGill’s Newsroom (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) that the pleasurable experience of listening to music influences directly our brains. It is highly interesting that they investigated how this process works. That in itself doesn’t say anything how we react on that. In other words: what we as human beings are going to do with this knowledge. Personally I understand that knowing is one thing, and an aware reaction on that is quite another thing. Again in other words: knowing is part of a process of awakening and is an opening to a (more) aware reaction. Conclusion: the message of McGill is highly interesting!

personal experiences with CCI

on 10 March 2011.

In a book ( 380 pages) in German called 'Zum Frieden befreien Selbsthilfe durch Co-Counselling' (gaining peace - and more: liberating / freeing for peace by co-counselling) and subtitled by 'Fühlen, Denken und Handeln versöhnen' (feeling, thinking and being reconciling), Siglind Willms and Johannes Risse describe their more than 25 years of experiences with the CCI process. This book of the Sozio-Publishing Company (ISBN 978-3-935431-19-4) has recently been announced as 'just published' ( Just in time for my 80th birthday I received a copy of this book with a special inscription of the authors. Siglind Willms is a behaviour psychologist since 1969 for children, adolescents and adults. With 4 colleagues she founded in 1976 'Haus Kloppenburg' in Münster as a centre for therapeutic social work incorporating co-counselling. The other author, Johannes Risse, lives in a religious community, studied among others at  Innsbruck (Austria) pastoral psychology and works at the Centre in the fields of psychology and social work.


on 10 March 2011.

memorials and the gate to the human heart

                                                                      by Tom Scheff

It is our sorrow. Shall it melt? Then water
Would gush, flush, green these mountains and these valleys,
And we rebuild our cities, not dream of islands.

                                                                        from Paysage Moralisé, by W. H. Auden.

When I was a child growing up in the South, I found religious services boring. But I once sneaked into a tent revival meeting. People were laughing, crying, shaking, dancing, and rolling around on the floor. I was delighted because I had never seen anything like it, especially not in my own family. Like many families, we seemed to have a no-emotion rule.

the science of emotions

on 26 February 2011.

The science of emotions and co-counselling’ is the title of a UK CCI trainers workshop at Newmarket, facilitated by Rose Evison and Richard Horobin, organized by Sue Gray and Steve Roche and attended by 15 UK trainers and 2 Dutch CCI trainers on the weekend of Friday February 18th till Sunday afternoon 4PM. Rose and Richard, two scientist, are CCI trainer from the very beginning of CCI and even started to teach their first CCI fundamentals in 1975 before attending the very first and CCI founding European CCI meeting in that year.

why did he shoot?

on 24 February 2011.

'Why did Jared Loughner shoot Gabrielle Giffords and nineteen others?’ asks Thomas J. Scheff. And he states: 'Many people dismiss the problem by saying he had a screw loose, but that doesn’t tell us much. We need to understand how the screw got loose, and if anything be done to make it less likely to happen in others. Is there something in common among multiple killers that may help us to understand the Tucson, Arizona rampage, or Columbine and other acts of violence?

benefit of being public!

on 21 February 2011.

Without trying to be complete there are different – if not many – reasons to mention why a site should be a public (information) channel! And also of being NOT public as well. It depends on the vision and the mission of what and why we are doing what we do! The editorial vision of CCI World News Service is described in ‘about CCIWNS’ on this site as: ‘the service supports the outreach of CCI communities and individual practitioners by increasing public awareness of CCI co-counselling / co-creating’. And the mission is to be consulted there as well.

an unexpected encounter

Learning to express this website as being ‘the only public actual website about the CCI approach of handling your inner life: physical, emotional and spiritual, in self responsibility and without any authoritarian influence from outside’, the way is open to sudden unexpected encounters. One of these happened recently with contacting Tom Scheff, an emeritus professor of Sociology at the University of Santa Barbara in California, USA. As reported at this site, a friend draw my attention to a lecture of Tom at what turned out later to be the University of Karlstad in Sweden about ‘emotions and thoughts’.

suppression of emotions:

on 21 February 2011.

                    a danger to modern societies? Thomas J. Scheff                              

tom scheff

This essay proposes that suppression of emotions is a key institution in modern societies, and that it underlies the denial of death and both interpersonal and inter-group violence. The first step is to compare traditional and modern societies with respect to their treatment of the social-emotional world. Next a relatively minor type of suppression is considered: wholehearted belief in an afterlife in heaven. The next step is to review a much more serious possibility: studies that suggest that war and collective conflict, such as terrorism, may be caused by humiliation and vengeance. If this is true, then trying to understand and reduce violence by focusing only on politics and economics is a grave error. Finally, some preliminary steps toward change are discussed.

new proves?

on 14 February 2011.

In a recent personal dialogue about the phenomenon of life, a dear friend invited me to consult some writings of the American author and cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. This possibly might be helpful in my personal search of  ‘ what am I doing here’ , meaning on this earth, and in fact: ‘what is my vision and the mission’,  if there is a mission at all! Acting upon that advice I discovered intriguing information on internet. Such as an interview with this academic scientist Bruce Lipton by Sounds True’ website . Like in the biography on Bruce’s own website and others like dream manifesto , you tube and others.  So much became clear to me that he is regarded as one of the leading voices of what is called ‘the new biology’.  And even the vision and mission of the website Sounds True is also worth reading!

CCI and internet

on 14 February 2011.

It is an exciting exercise to explore the possibilities of the internet era! As it is exciting to start with copying of what we all discovered that we can do since the development of the printing typography. One definitely is a follow up of the other! But there is far more, possible with internet than just copying of what we learned to do with printing papers. Computers and internet - besides the possibilities of seeing and talking to those who connect with us from the other side of the globe for sharing for instance, a CCI session if you wish, with the CCI sign language - there is so much more to do!

review of catharsis

on 08 February 2011.

Richard Horobin, ‘long-term’ CCI trainer is pleased that CCI World News Service published the lecture of Tom Scheff about ‘emotions and thoughts’. After publishing we informed emeritus professor Tom Scheff, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, about this CCIWNS action, and he answered that the lecture was somewhere in 2008 at Karlstad ‘s University in Sweden. So it took some time to get the video ready.

Richard Horobin mails us that he created the other month  a review of Tom Scheff his old [but still excellent] book ‘Catharsis in healing ritual and drama’ into a not public CCI internet magazine Here and Now.

Richard Horobin from Pitlochry in Scotland honoured us by sending us his article, and writes: ‘ No, not a new book; see below for how you might get hold of a copy. Nevertheless this is a book well worth reading by co-counsellors. Why? Because by ‘catharsis’ Scheff means just what co-counsellors mean by discharge. The book, as it says on the dust cover, discusses ‘What is catharsis? What are its effects and when does it occur?’


emotions and thoughts

on 04 February 2011.

At a flying visit to an Irish born, Scottish based and near the Hague (Netherlands) living CCI member last weekend, he informed me about a lecture on internet on emotions (and discharge) and send me the link. It is a (more or less) recent  talk by emeritus professor Thomas Scheff of the University of California (USA) somewhere in Sweden on his way to be honoured by the University of Copenhagen. His fields of research are social psychology, emotions and mental illness. In his talk (click here if you want to check it yourself) at University TV for educational and non commercial use only, dated December 22 2010, he explores the place that emotions hold in cognition.

welcome Janice!

on 02 February 2011.

We send a hearty welcome to Janice Wasser from Israel to join our list as trainer of what she calls ‘this invaluable theory with its set of simple, yet deeply profound, tools to deal with life issues’ in the CCI way. Besides her other occupations she works in prisons and she is, especially the last 7 years, active in the international CCI community. At the same time she now takes also on board to be the correspondent/ contact person of CCI World News Service in Israel. Welcome!

CCI Europe 2011 Hungary

on 02 February 2011.


With warm welcome from the small Hungarian community, Ágota, Gabi, Csaba, Donal, Feri, Gyuri, Kami, Joco and Saci inform us, how to participate in the CCI Europe 2011 meeting from Sunday July 31st 3PM till Saturday August 6th breakfast. The theme of the meeting is: exclusion-inclusion. The price to attend – only for CCI members – is € 350 and for early bookings, before April 1st € 30,- less and for late bookings, after July 1st , private room € 50,- more and for camping € 20,- less. A deposit of € 100,- will secure you a place! There also will be a teachers/trainers workshop after the CCI Europe week at lake Balaton on the 8th-9th August with a sweat lodge option. CCI World News Service invites the local CCI information channels to publish also the following necessary ingredients of the application form to be send to : Csaba or Kami 

our service

on 28 January 2011.

The service of this website intends to be a world wide public information channel about the CCI approach of handling your inner life personally, physical and spiritual,  in the way that suits you best. CCI is based on the principle that you are the excellent expert to know – or to find out yourself – what really happens inside and that you have also the answers available for what is needed. It simply is a matter of listening/observing honestly and carefully to yourself, using your brains as well, to find out. CCI World News Service is the only totally public accessible and actual information channel about this CCI approach that is worldwide available.

a new era

on 27 January 2011.

Everything seems to go faster today. And it does so, day by day! Like internet proves, like skype, twitter, facebook, wikileaks etc. and we all become more and more aware, to be linked to each other, world wide! At the same time it looks like, as if we also become more and more  lonely: back to our personal basics. As soon as we realise that some of what all is offered to us, is NOT our business anymore, we become aware of not being part anymore of a certain process. It than looks like as if we leave ‘something’ behind us: aging, not being anymore that up to date informed, that we feel participating in the new age.  After all, the awareness seems to grow that we realize that we all are still individuals. That is OK too, and it is anyway a reality!

psychotherapy and emotions

on 27 January 2011.

Corresponding to a recent Swedish scientific research report, there is a strong relationship between psychotherapy and heart attacks. The Dutch daily paper ‘NRC Handelsblad’ refers to this Swedish research report in the 24th January 2011 issue of the bimonthly professional USA medical journey: ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’, with a circulation of over 70.000 physicians in 77 countries, founded in 1908. Without calling the CCI self help approach ‘a kind of psychology’, because it is about handling your personal emotions in a way that suits you best, like they call in some circles the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or even Neuron Linguistic Programming (NLP), still they are, more or less, close to each other. Practicing this CCI approach (see documentation/theory on this website) this is far out the most cheapest approach of healing what bothers you within, by the expert you are in this territory yourself. In that way CCI is no – authoritarian - therapy at all.

CCI international meeting NZ 2012

on 27 January 2011.

As already announced on this website (July 18th 2010) the CCI community in Aotearoa, New Zealand, organizes next year from 3 to 9 January their international CCI meeting as usual every 3 years. More information about this very special happening is available on their website. Richard and Virginia and the organizing group invite us to pass their invitation ‘to other (CCI) cocoers who might be interested in a little travel and a holiday in NZ.  We promise to look after you well during your stay in NZ’. Recently they have also added ‘a few dates for registration and bursaries as well as correcting 2 errors - one is important as it is the bank account number’. The front of the flyer is now in colour and names as special dates: children’s registration closes by 31 October 2011; bursary requests by 31 October and please register by 15 December 2011. And please make cheques out to CCI Aotearoa New Zealand, Internet banking to Account 03 0510-0751568-00; please put CCI 2012 in the particulars field and your first name in the code field and your last name in the reference field.

basic basics of CCI-USA

on 18 January 2011.

The internet net worker of the CCI community in the USA, Bob Sawyer, recently informed this community network, that  ’the basic basics’ of this CCI community are publicly on line now.  Summarizing it gives an overview on the CCI culture and an explanation of expressions within this community.  It is meant as ‘a brief introduction to the CCI theory as rationale for subsequent practice’.

again a new start!

on 12 January 2011.

One of the advantages of the CCI format for handling my emotions in a for me most suitable way is, that I can start every time again, the process of exploring what is happening inside, while I reword  for myself the most suitable approach. Every time I can start with reminding myself what at that moment is the core of that process. While  the ingredients of it are quite clear. They are like pre-conditions to run whatever process there is. And it is quite clear also, that this process does not run, like all other processes, when these pre-conditions are not fulfilled.

CCIWNS in 2010

on 03 January 2011.

For CCI World News Service, the only worldwide public and actual CCI information service to handle your emotions in a way that suits you best, is the year 2010 to be named profitable. On the first of January 2010 the site counted not yet 55.000 visitors and at the end of the year this has raised up to more than 66.000. Since the transformation of the ten years old site into a content management system, on April 20th ,the latest news is announced by 28 CCIWNS newsletter in the period April-January 2011. These announcements came by special internet mails to those who had subscribed for that service. The number of these subscribers is, world wide, since long around 150. (Just fill in your name and email address and you will receive information about the recent update(s). Your name and email address is only used by the coordinator of the site for that purpose.)

welcome Richard (Aotearoa, New Zealand)

on 30 December 2010.

We welcome Richard Goldsbrough from Aotearoa, New Zealand, who was already in 1992, by our first visit to the South Pacific, a CCI committed member and trainer. He just joined the trainers list on this website and we welcome him especial. Because he attended all the (every tree years) CCI international meetings in his country since 1994. And in his statement on our list he states: 'I am available for one-to-one teaching and am accredited by the Wellington Co-counselling Network to teach groups if you would like to learn together '. He is involved also in the coming CCI international meeting in January 2012 in Aotearoa.

CCI-USA: pilot trainers training!

on 29 December 2010.

Bob Sawyer, the email coordinator of the CCI-USA community, announces at the end of this year the first CCI-USA two weekend trainers training workshop. This workshop will be at Simsbury, Connecticut on the weekend of February 4-6 and March 4-6 2011. He announces also that CCI-USA is excited to sponsor and has agreed to subsidize this new approach to developing CCI-USA co-counselling trainers. He writes: 'The workshop will be intensive, experiential, specific to the needs and skills of the registrants and include follow-up mentoring. Detailed plans are being developed by the planning team'. Participants of that team are: Liz Duff, Pam McDonald, Barbara Woodis, Marc Kronisch and Cathy Sargent. The registration will be limited to 12 qualified students with a minimum of 8. Enrollees will be assigned preparatory exercises before arriving at the first weekend. In particular they should develop a clearly articulated sense of why they wish to become a (CCI) co-counselling trainer. A pre-workshop of this type of co-counselling is recommended. Those who are interested in enrolling in this trainers training are invited to notify one of the planning team.

the year of a transformation

on 24 December 2010.

The year 2010 will be marked for CCI World News Service as the year of the transformation. Not only because of its physical appearance after ten years of service, but as well for its content. The content management system, as it is now realised by suggestions and in practice by Shayla Malek (Australia), was introduced by Dency Sargent at CCI USA (April 2010). Thanks also to the generous support of Wayne Buchner (Australia) and of Joke Stassen (the Netherlands) – the latest also continuing still after the introduction of the transformed site. The transformation is in itself an amazing and continuing experience! The content of the site so far had to be reviewed and updated since 2000. And while doing so, and keeping the more pronounced events striking, as being – for this time and in my view – significant for the development of the CCI approach, it unfolded itself and showed the continuity of this process. Like the paradigm shift does. Like co-creating does. Like the wording of the core of CCI itself, becoming more and more clear, did.

coming 2010/2011 activities

on 24 December 2010.

Around the end of 2010 – and the beginning – of 2011 there are different CCI workshops going on and their items might be inspiring to other CCI –ers to organise likewise activities next year! The last – or almost the last activity will be on December 30 from 10 AM to 6PM at Ubbergen near Nijmegen in the Netherlands in a former monastery and now a cooperative housing program. The item is: looking back and forwards! There is room for 20 people inform Ria, JanPieter and Marian. Soon after that, January 8 the CoCounseling House in New Haven (Connecticut) USA , is open (limited to 14 people) from 10AM to 4PM for the third time to review 'the events in 2010 that have personal meaning to you and then we explore the emotional content of the events and order the events by emotional order' writes Fred. They then make a book of the events and give the book (year) a title. Then they look at 2011 and give our lives a direction for the year'. The workshop is already fully booked.
The same Saturday till Tuesday January 11th there is in the Earth Spirit Centre in Dundon, Somerset (South-West England) a De-tox peer led-workshop offered by the participants (no sugar, no coffee, no tea, no wheat, no dairy, no meat, no fish and no egg. The workshop is alcohol free. This is the sixth time that this de - tox workshop is running and you are invited to work on your emotional relationship with food; try to co-counsel while you are free from addicts substances, or try a different diet! And on January 23 there is a 'refreshing' meeting to finnish a succesful CCI fundamental training of two Dutch trainers: Marjan and Peter.Their theme for that day is, to explore your convictions in the CCI way.

new Dutch community website

on 24 December 2010.

Friday afternoon, December 24th at 1PM I receive an email informing me that, according to promises on the general meeting of the Dutch CCI community at May 30th, a new Dutch CCN(etherlands) community website  is on line now. Joke Stassen writes in her email, that she, together with Nettie Gruson, Henk Madhuizen, Jacques Lelieveld and Niek Sickenga has been busy with the reshaping and constructing - also with international help - of this completely new site. The result is simple and the site is publicly available and has, when you have logged in as a member of the community, a seperate private program as well. The team of 5 Dutch co-counselers is now involved in keeping the website updated and sending out the News for members, that is connected to the site. Since a long time already, there does not exist any more a printed Dutch CCI Newsletter.

CCI is based on trust

on 13 December 2010.

CCI in itself is – in my view – based on trust. Trust in our ability to change our habits, patterns, views, way of life etc. onto an other level. In that 'practice' we discover realities we were not aware of, they enrich our lives and contribute to our well-being, physical and spiritual. Practicing this, I trust those who has been introduced in the CCI world, by people who does understand CCI's in- and outs in their way. As I do understand CCI myself in my way. That does not necessarily mean that we do understand it literally in the same way.

update of a personal account

on 13 December 2010.

jAfter a recent reconstruction of the documentation about definitions on this website, John Heron (see photo) send CCIWNS a December 2010 revision of his personal account of the core of CCI. This revision is fully published in the documentation range/theory/definitions directly after the personal descriptions of the core of CCI on this website. In his revision of December 12th he summarises his vision of 'what CCI has the potential to be, and is, in my view in the process of becoming'.
In his personal account he first states that 'I see CCI as a worldwide federation of independent local self-help communities whose members are trained to become competent in whole person development'. In the next item he mentions, that 'this development includes at least seven dynamically interrelated paths'.

welcome Ágota (Hungary)

on 07 December 2010.

ARuzsaWe welcome Ágota Éva Ruzsa from Hungary on the world wide CCI trainers list of this website. This list is open for those who facilitate trainings in CCI co-counselling and or CCI co-creating, or have done so. And they are committed to give all information that may be needed by readers who want to learn how to handle their emotions in the CCI line. Ágota is CCI trainer since 1988 and is still committed to CCI. She got her teachers accreditation in 1988 at the Human Potential Research Group from the University of Surrey (UK), founded by John Heron. We feel honoured that she joints our list and is more than welcome!


on 07 December 2010.

CCI World News Service has not been on line for about 18 hours (December 6/7). On Facebook we announced that this was due to technical failures. This information was as well available on my personal site at Facebook as well as at the site of the Co-Counseling International group (an initiative of members of the CCI-USA community) and the one of the CCI work by Skype group. This technical failure was so far, the most impressive crash we had in ten years. And we hope to be spared for such an unannounced happening again! It showed anyway perfectly the vulnerability of this whole activity. And it is also a perfect example of how vulnerable we are, and this process is. Internet, CCI World News Service, and each of us personally, are there. For a while. And suddenly it is all over. In a split second they are transformed from a being, into a history. It is all virtual!
The content why it is, as it is – for the moment - passes by. The actuality of this moment – and I am proud to be in this moment, is also just as momentum. For now. So it is not only all flexible, things are as they are, just for a momentum. And what I try to do – also with and in CCI World News Service – is just describe, what is on top now, why and how. So a simple crash of a simple activity makes us aware, how crucial and timeless things may like and how virtual and vulnerable they – and we - are at the same time! Good to keep that in mind!

a ww CCI-review 1

on 29 November 2010.

This is the first contribution of this special type for CCIWNS and so it is a try out! A 'ww' CCI-review is an abbreviation of 'a world-wide' alphabetical round along CCI websites. The coordinator of this website, CCI World News Service (CCIWNS), intends to organize such rounds, time by time, several (2?) times a year and so over the years. He doesn't pretend that this is a complete view. If necessary, not only the different websites he knows of, will be checked, but also by personal emails information may be gathered. And also the answers to such invitation to contribute, might need to be re-edited and that text has to be checked with these authors also before publishing. Only the public accessible part of the different websites will be named as such and will be quoted in CCIWNS.

wording and transformation

on 29 November 2010.

There are two origins for this written creation: partly it is due to a so called transformation and partly it is the struggle to word that. The second, the wording, is not only a language problem. It also has all implications of what we call communication. Not only communication from you to other human beings, included yourself, but also with all what you observe in whatever way. And that is an extending job.

welcome Liz!

on 23 November 2010.

We welcome Liz Duff as the twelfth CCI USA trainer on our international CCI trainers list, as well by country and by name. In her personal introduction she mentions that she started CCI co-counselling in 1994 and is – since 2000 – an accredited CCI trainer of the Northeast US CCI community. She informs us that the CCI approach has transformed her live. She loves being part of a wider community, she writes and we do welcome her hearty in the CCI world wide trainers list!

CCI meeting at Leyden (USA)

on 22 November 2010.

angels rest 2010_1_1

Jenny Dillman Marks reports: On November 5-7, I attended our annual fall co-counseling workshop in Leyden, MA. There were 35 of us in all, from 3 countries, and 6 states. The theme of the workshop was 'Being Your Best Self,' and was skillfully facilitated by Michael Chell and John Mancini. Some of the topic group titles: Discussion group on confidentiality and its exceptions, Who are you and What is your best self? Dancing Down to Earth, Hot Seat, and Imaginal Dialogue. On Saturday night, Gilli and Jenni lead us in a dynamic exploration of pillow work. The hot tub was perfect, the food delicious, and as always, living together with other cocoers for 3 days was a deep blessing and delight! Thanks Jenny for reporting and organizing this picture for CCI World News Service! niek

our memories

on 19 November 2010.

Another recent Dutch television interview of journalist and author Wim Brands, see 'basic drives and evolution', about new books was last Sunday, November 14th , with prof. Douwe Draaisma about his last book in Dutch, called in English the 'oblivion book'. Douwe Draaisma (1953) is Professor of the History of Psychology at the University of Groningen. His new book is about the phenomena of forgetting. He wrote several books – in Dutch - with an excellent writing style, named like 'Metaphors of Memory', 'Why Life Speeds Up as You Get Older', 'Disturbance of the Mind', 'the Nostalgia Factory' etc. 'Draaisma writes in an engaging, almost literary style, his language is careful, and full of well-chosen metaphors. By linking two highly interesting themes, namely history and the brain, Draaisma manages to reach a huge audience' writes the historical publishing company at its website (

basic drives and evolution

on 03 November 2010.

A recent Dutch book review on television of journalist Wim Brands (VPRO-television) with professor dr. A. P. Buunk (University of Groningen, Social and Organizational Psychology), triggered my attention. This because professor Buunk related our capacity to cope with our lives at the daily work floor, with where we, evolutionary, came from and the transitions human beings made ever since. His new book, in Dutch, is published in 2010 by Bert Bakker in Amsterdam (ISBN 9789035133815), and counts 336 pages. In their book review Brands and Buunk talked also about the 'most effective human size' of this 'work floor'. That resulted in around 100 till about 150 persons. That is about the size of the Dutch CCI community today!
And it is this part of the discussion that triggered especially my attention. So I bought the book and started reading with the CCI framework in mind.
That framework changed, evolved, though not always so visible, in the past years and is in itself - in my view - part of the emancipation of the human being. Or it anyway participates and contributes to that process. So the history of CCI fits in that process and evolved in a non hierarchical approach – without any authority but your personal decisions. And this with respect to the phenomena of life, so for everybody and everything, including 'mother earth' and the universe, as well as other ones visions. While accepting and offering free attention – by participating in this free attention in the Universe – and being inquisitive to how, why and what we observe in any way during our lifetime. While reading Buunk his book, I became the more aware of the impressive and implicit part of the CCI approach of respect, sharing and its cooperative behaviour, compared with our original competitive behaviour, rooted in what Buunk names as the (intra) sexual competition. At the same time I became the more aware of how 'the work floor' is part of our total daily life and its influences vice versa.

future CCI questions

on 03 November 2010.

toekomstSince the start in 1974, after the transformation, the CCI approach to handle your personal emotions in a practical and effective way, many thousands have benefit from it in a growing number of countries. And they still does. Though they do or may not all practice it since in an organisational relationship. The approach itself is still in progress. As we all are. The process of CCI itself unfolds and develops with, and according to our own, personal transition, by the years. More than ever before – anyway in my perception – the absence of any authoritarian control in this approach, and so being obliged to accept only our own responsibility – has unfold itself as a basic ingredient of CCI. The inter personal attention has evolved into a far more transpersonal awareness while opening the attention into the spiritual fields.
This ongoing process will further develop as long as human beings are triggered by curiosity about what, why and how their lives unfold. Emotions are like milestones, marking our lives by what happens to us. And the need to handle them properly, according to our personal needs, will be – as it always has been – an ongoing process. Because of that we have to face now, in my view, several 'future' questions in relations to the CCI process. That does not mean that we need to find the answer for now and for ever. We just need to keep in mind, that 'things might not be the same in the future as they are now'.

some thoughts....

on 19 October 2010.

Recently we received an email message of a dear friend from Hungary being in the Netherlands and having free time to spend together last Saturday in the south of our country. That takes too much travel time (more than 10 hours by public transport) to come north, so we decided to go south ourselves. We met at the lounge of a hotel in Maastricht and went into the old city, had coffee, walked, had lunch and talked for hours. We arrived for this meeting, the evening before at the Belgium boarder and left for home late the next afternoon. Energized by new ideas and the healing exchange of recent and long ago experiences.

try it out within the CCI format!

on 19 October 2010.

One of the main reasons – if not the most expressive one – of the transforming of RC into CCI in 1974, was – and is - the absolute absence of any authoritarian influence in the CCI approach. Within CCI only the practitioner is in charge of her or his own work: to gain awareness's about things they were not aware off before. It is this absence of any authoritarian influence, that makes CCI unique.

CCI Europe 2010 teachers meeting

on 19 October 2010.

However we were not able to attend the CCI Europe teachers meeting in Ireland, one of the participants of that meeting offered me, a few days later, a copy of a report he wrote about 'resources of co-counselling'. In his report Sytse brings pieces from that workshop together with information from the English Wikipedia. He starts with CCI (Co-Counselling International) followed by Re-evaluation Counselling (RC) and a section with ' resources of CCI co-counselling'. In these resources he mentions: the Humanist therapy, the Rogerian therapy, Psychoanalysis, Free association, the Reichian Therapy, the Basic Body Awareness Therapy, the Rebirthing-Breath work, Transactional analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Scientology and the Osho Dynamic meditation.
He ends with 'methods' that some members of the CCI teachers meeting want to combine or introduce in (CCI) co counselling. These are: NLP Neuron Linguistic Programming, Cognitive behaviour therapy , Non Violent Communication (NVC), Traumatic Incident Reduction, AA. Dream work, Breathing, and Family constellation.

The full report, except what is published about CCI itself, is now implemented in this website in the chapter CCI and others. And if the mentioned different approaches will be implemented or become part of the CCI approach, seems to depend on the fact in what way they contribute to the CCI approach, practicing the CCI format of being in charge your self and respecting other ones.

CCN website in revision

on 10 October 2010.

ccn2_3_1The actual CCN website were CCN is the name of the Dutch CCI community, is in revision. At the CCN general meeting 2010, last May, they talked about changing over the character of the website to content management. Last weekend four participants of that meeting met at Donkerbroek to experience this new Joomla approach in editorial work. Core of the new system is, that instantly, that means as soon as (part of) the site is ordered by internet, the ingredients of that part are composed together from the database in internet. This base can be edited any time, anywhere and by anyone who has been authorized as such having access to internet. The program to edit is available on the server itself. This means that in the future the possibility for all members can be created to contribute to the community building of the organization. For instance by giving all members the right to response directly in handling community affairs by a forum.
The meeting at Donkerbroek was meant to get Nettie, Jacques and Henk acquainted with the new approach how to contribute with the website to the internal communication about all kinds of community affairs like weekends, meetings, community decisions etc. Joke invited them to try out several of the available possibilities.

the CCI-USA promotion kit

on 17 September 2010.

kit1 kit2 kit3 kit4 kit5
By his special internet service Bob Sawyer (CCI-USA) informs on the first of September the members of Co-Counselling International USA, that he will send to everyone who requested the CCI Promotion Kit, next week. And so he did. We received his envelope on September 15th. This promotion pack is an initiative of the Strategic Planning Committee of CCI-USA and contains a carton stand for copies of the CCI-USA and a dozen brochures of 'are you ready to...'

reflections on CCI Europe 2010

on 07 September 2010.

Janice Wasser

I was asked recently by a co-counseling friend " why do you report things, what do you gain when you do it?" Well, I was a little shocked to be asked the questions in such a way. The first response is to defend myself – I felt like the person saw me as someone searching for attention and indulging myself rather than what I truly feel as a member of a community, an international community with common interests and a desire to expand knowledge and share experiences of enrichment through our individual and shared growth processes.

meaningful coincidences

on 05 September 2010.

The day after the funeral of a dear friend we took off at Schiphol Airport to attend CCI Europe in Ireland. We missed the CCI teachers meeting just before and that is the reason why there is no report of what happened there. Before taking off we visited a bookstore at the airport and I was attracted to a brand new publication 'Meaningful coincidence' by the Swedish author Jan Cederquist (ISBN 978-0-462-09970-5) first published in Swedish (2005), first published in English (2010). Jan died in 2009, he was a highly successful advertising executive (in Sweden) with a background in psychology and philosophy' the cover says. Finding this book with this item, at that moment was for me a kind of 'meaningful coincidence' in itself!

Japanese version of CCI sign language

on 05 September 2010.

titlejapaneseThe CCI sign language of CCI session ingredients is now available. (click here) This version is the result of a back to the CCI basic weekend early in June this year at Donkerbroek (the Netherlands). As reported in CCI World News Service, the participants of this 'refreshing' weekend came from different parts of the globe. So came Masako from Japan and I invited her to translate the CCI session ingredients in her original language. And here is the result! We celebrate that with thanks for her input!

what's on top?

on 11 August 2010.

on topThe question 'what is on top' is a well known expression to start a personal review about the inside state of being. It also is the title of a little booklet (123 pages, almost half A5 size, about 10,5x17,5 cm, published in Great Britain 2010 by, copyright by Personal Transformation) as an introduction to (CCI) co-counselling (ISBN 978-1-4457-4752-1). The authors, Steve Roche and Sue Grey, are both co-counselling trainers in the line of CCI. That means that the method of co-counselling, as it has transformed the last 35 years, is without any authority but the practitioners personal responsibility. This implicates that this CCI process rules along it's special pre-conditions.
So it tells 'what it is', why it is needed, how it does help, is it for me? What is the culture, how do I learn it; can I do it at work? And very practical, what happens in a session, where did it come from, personal experiences, conclusion and further information. It is a handsome booklet and in several – if not most – and sometimes more personal approaches and wordings, this information can nowadays already be found on internet.

second therapy drama on Dutch TV

on 18 July 2010.

For the second time a Dutch television programme will be launched about the theme emotional 'therapy'. The first was a copy of a Spanish version of 'the red' box (chamber) about therapy by showing, pictures of the 'hot' items on the walls of the 'therapy-room'.

tips to benefit from CCIWNS

on 30 June 2010.

Internet information benefits, in general and to our own choice, to our understanding and communication. Here are some tips, hoping to contribute to your emotional well being! The first tip is: do word your question, and send it to the editor/coordinator of CCIWNS. Several did and the result is this overview. Click at 'about CCIWNS'.

Google translation and CCIWNS

on 24 June 2010.

With the update of this issue of CCI World News Service we introduce to you the free service of Google's translation on this website to translate the content in your own language or any other as you wish. Google's translation is a rather new service although they at the Google Translation Centre worked for it already several years. The system of translating texts from one language to another is fully computerized and in so far, in our own experience, more than rather acceptable. And it certainly will develop.

impressions of a visit to Germany

on 22 June 2010.

Next weekend, Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27, is a special CCI practical co-counselling happening in Münster, Germany, says the 2010 program of the so called Counsel Initiative community in this German university city. The flyer with this program answers at the same time the question 'what is co-counselling', mentioning first that it is a self help method to balance and stabilize the balance within. Secondly it reflects that every individual owns their special personal potentialities to create themselves their live in self responsibility. The flyer recalls also some highlights of the CCI history and the actual year program, and is by that also an excellent CCI introduction. So in March there was a fundamental course with 19 participants and another in April with 13 'students'. Others are planned next August and October.

various items

on 19 June 2010.

Last weekend (June 12) we camped near the borders of the river IJssel, an about 2000 year old river in the East of the Netherlands, a tributary of the European delta river, the Rhine. We went there because the nature camping grounds are close to an old city Deventer. In the old days part of a 'harbour cooperation' with cities in North Eastern Europe.

reactions on Dror's letter

on 09 June 2010.

Dror's website, with the item 'Liberation of Humankind', publishes the responses on their open letter of May 30, 2010. Here follows what is published so far. Interested in more? Look at their website (see also international network/CCI links)

welcome Minke and Corrie

on 08 June 2010.

We welcome Minke and Corrie as - long term - CCI trainers from the Netherlands on our list of trainers, committed to the CCI approach as they understand it, and willing to accompany those who want to connect and benefit of this way of handling their emotions or their life.

CCI Netherlands

on 01 June 2010.

alvccnOn Sunday you can park your car at the Java Island (Amsterdam city, the Netherlands) for free. That 's why the yearly general meeting of the Dutch CCI community was held last Sunday. This Dutch community is organised as a formal association by law since 1986. And they have a chosen 'board' and the decision making is done by majority – if voting is necessary. The interim president, Maarten den Draak, resigned and two new members of the board were nominated: Marianne van Duyvenbode en Jaques Lelieveld.

thanks to Carol

on 26 May 2010.

As usual, we invite yearly the trainers of our world wide list of CCI trainers, by given name and now also by country, in the month they joined that list, to let us know if they intend to stay on that list for the next year. So we mailed also Carol Driscoll. She is one of the first CCI-USA trainers that joined ten years ago, in 2000, our first list. And she answered me this month:' I should be removed from the list of trainers. I am not teaching, have no time in my life to add that to my list of priorities. To leave my name on the list is misleading to your readership.'
And it feels sad to say good bye to Carol – as it does to all who have left that list before.

32 years of a CCI newsletter

on 26 May 2010.

nzwaveThe Opening Circle (autumn 2010 edition), newsletter of the Aotearoa/ New Zealand Co-Counselling Community, announces their winter gathering at Taurewa (June 4th till 7th) in the Northern Island. Besides a photo of 'an advanced wave' (members of a recent advanced co-counselling course lead by Rex McCann, Anne Bailey and team) in this newsletter, there is also attention to some history. This contains a description of the setting up of (CCI) co-counselling in New Zealand.

The story is: 'Sometime around September, 1978 at the first get-together of Wellington co-counsellors, a newsletter was proposed and six weeks later emerged as 'FREE-FOR-ALL CO-COUNSELLING NEWSLETTER NO. 1', compiled by Allison Webber. With the comment that it '...could be the one and only edition...'.


the paradigm shift and CCI

on 18 May 2010.

It is 1962 when Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) publishes his later world famous study 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions', that genesis to 1947 when he was a graduate student at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. In 1970 the second edition is published of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Kuhn, Philosophy Professor, about changes in fundamental models of events. This edition includes 'an important postscript in which Kuhn clarified his notion of paradigm and for the first time explicitly gave his work an anti-realist element by denying the coherence of the idea that theories could be regarded as more or less close to the truth.' So informs anyway the website:
It takes until 1995 till John Heron, at a CCI teachers meeting in Harlech (Wales, UK) just before the international European gathering at that spot, is invited to answer the question 'what is your account of the original theory of co-counselling and how has this changed in the paradigm shift?'

international CCI dictionary online

on 11 May 2010.

The International CCI dictionary is now online. In 2001 Levente Fruttus from Hungary took the initiative to cocreate a new version. In the introduction to the English-Hungarian-Dutch-German dictionary he writes: 'I believe that co-counselling can be done without any knowledge of foreign language. I have experienced that what I say in verbal communication on a co-counselling session hardly gives more than the way I say it. To do this, however, I have to be able to use my non verbal channels properly.
I also know, however, that speech is an indispensable means of human relationships.
This dictionary has been prepared to support international co-counselling relationships, to help express people's love towards each other. ' Click at the image to download the dictionary as pdf.

I believe that co-counselling can be done without any knowledge of foreign language. I have experienced that what I say in verbal communication on a co-counselling session hardly gives more than the way I say it. To do this, however, I have to be able to use my non verbal channels properly.

I also know, however, that speech is an indispensable means of human relationships.

This dictionary has been prepared to support international co-counselling relationships, to help express people's love towards each other.

welcome Gaia!

on 11 May 2010.

We welcome Gaia Kile as a CCI trainer of Michigan USA, now also listed as CCI trainer at this website.

CCIWNS revised; CCI movie introduced

on 11 May 2010.

At the end of the Thursday April 22 community sharing in the CCI-USA 2010 opening circle of that day, Niek reported from the world wide community that they celebrated the 10th anniversary of CCI World News Service. He mentioned the growing interest world wide and thanked especially Bob Sawyer for his contribution to that from the very beginning on. He informs, within his CCI-USA network by email, whenever a new update of this public worldwide service is announced and invites them to have a look at it by the link at


CCI-USA 2010 business meeting

on 30 April 2010.


Friday April 23rd some 26 participants of the 2010 CCI-USA meeting attend that afternoon their business meeting, facilitated by Fred Wallace and Judy Hartling and opened with a validating and celebrating opening circle.Chris explained and informed us about the latest initiatives of the Strategic Planning Committee of CCI-USA, especially also about how to inform the public.

CCI-USA 2010 workshops

on 30 April 2010.


After registration and welcoming by the members of the welcoming committee (a.o. Joke and Niek) of the participants of the CCI-USA 2010 meeting, there was dinner at 5.30 pm on Tuesday April 20. The newcomers orientation after dinner for those (8) who attend a CCI residential meeting for several days for their first time, is facilitated by Dency and Joke. During this orientation the energy in their working space, switches visible, by becoming aware that it is by practicing less scary than it may look before. Several of them anyway take the advise, later that evening and joined by others, to invite and to join a buddy for the coming days.

CCI the movie

on 22 April 2010.

At  CCI USA  2009 the workshop CCI the movie took place. A cocounseling workshop with the camera taking videoclips of sessions. One year later the result is presented to the USA community at CCI 2010. See for yourself!


If your media player doesn't start automatically when clicking the link, you might have to start your media player first, and then click again. 

CCIWNS reborn!

on 20 April 2010.

track your feelings!

on 07 April 2010.

Track your emotions and give them words is a complicated and also personal process. It is that the more, while the difference between emotions and feelings are also not quite clear.

consciousness is in!

on 07 April 2010.

The phenomenon of consciousness seems to be in. The Dutch professor Victor Lamme (psychology department, University of Amsterdam) wrote recently a book. It says: 'free will doesn't exist'. That sounds to me rather depressive.

CCN promotion

on 27 March 2010.

The Dutch CCI community, named since 1986 Co-Counseling Nederland, was for the first time represented at one of the biggest alternative exchange fairs of the Netherlands on Sunday March 21st from 10 AM till 6PM. This yearly happening, organized by a bi-monthly magazine called 'Weeds', the biggest on spirituality in the Netherlands and Belgium, was held for the 26th time.

welcome CCI-USA 2010

on 27 March 2010.

peacock1'Thank you for joining us in creating our 36th annual CCI gathering in the USA' write Liz, Ann and peacock Pete to the 78 participants of this CCI event from April 20 till April 25th. The number of 78 participants is the update of March 19th. They write: Our theme is Showing Your True Colors'. The image of a peacock's proud display (yes there was one last year, on the same venue), is a great model for this work.

CCI Europe 2010

on 23 March 2010.

CCI Europe in Ireland will take place Termonfeckin, from Saturday 24 July to Friday 30 July 2010. At the CCI 2010 website you find all the information you need for booking on it.

OD World Summit

on 20 March 2010.

At the business meeting of CCI Europe 2009 in Freckenhorst the decision was made, that the CCI network if possible will take part in the OD worldsummit, a conference with the slogan Co-creating a new world of organizations and communities.
The local CCI communities are requested to support CCI cocounselers from their country financially. I
The OD World Summit will be held August 22-26, 2010 in Budapest. More information can be found at the ODWS website.

a transformed website

on 15 March 2010.

The website 'de Beukehof', about CCI co-counselling, about Non Violent Communication and about Music has totally been transformed now in a two language (Dutch and English) site, informs us this site manager/ CCI trainer Joke Stassen. In a with this website linked newsletter she reminds us for instance about another CCI co-creating workshop in 2010 in Donkerbroek (the Netherlands), that CCI co-counselling is one of several brands of co-counselling, that are more or less different so come and visit a CCI basic training etc. There also will be an advanced Non Violent Communication weekend workshop in May with Eva Rambala, and an Divertimento concert of the orchestra Joke joined playing her cello. Bravo!

writing brothers

on 15 March 2010.

Within five month after publishing their book 'brothers do mourn as well', coordinated by Minke Weggemans – a former CCI trainer – 12 of the 27 authors of 27 stories meet for the second time (March 6, 2010). The first meeting was November 9 2009, half an hour before the introduction of their book, as reported here. There only was time for a short round of names, age, based where and title of their story. The 6 of March there was more time to spend for a more personal introduction in Baarn, close to the village Soesterberg where the last Dutch CCI Europe meeting in 2007 was. From 11 AM until 2 PM the twelve were occupied by their sharing round.

emotional intelligence survey

on 15 March 2010.

helpIt is October 1995 that Daniel Goleman's book 'Emotional Intelligence' is introduced and published by Bantam Books USA. Six Seconds, based on his views, is a non profit American organization founded in 1997 and dedicated to bring emotional intelligence into practice in schools, families, organizations, and communities.   Their mission is to support people to make a positive difference - everywhere - all the time. Joshua Freedman, chief operating officer and master trainer of this Six Seconds organisation, just publishes its 2010 workplaces issues report called 'what are the top issues in organizations to day'.

invitation to remember Tom Sargent

on 12 March 2010.

Do you have memories on Tom Sargent, one of the three founders of CCI, please write them down for Bob Schoenberg, who called him, in a recent email to me, 'such a great man and a great teacher'. In an earlier mail Bob informed me that he was going to write a book about Tom Sargent.

emotions as booster for awakening

on 11 March 2010.

All of us do handle their emotions their own way. To cry starts suddenly. Laugh also. Both are physical reactions of the body of something funny or a dramatic event we suddenly encounter. There are more examples like that. Yawning is one, blushing or scaring are others. In that way, emotions are to compare with milestones who mark our lives. After years we suddenly encounter emotional events from long ago. According as we grow older, this chain of memories expands more and more.

introduction to CCI

  • flowerThere's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
    Aldous Huxley
  • I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.
    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  • pacificlandscape
    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.
    Rumi 1207-1273