the future of Haus Kloppenburg

on 28 April 2015.


The house Kloppenburg in Münster in Germany is the CCI co-counsel center of this university city since a very long time. Our connection started in the early years of 1990. The house itself dates back to the early sixteen hundreds; the CCI community started about 1975.

The founders of this CCI community, Siglind Willms and Johannes Risse, published recently a book in German about their experiences since that start. The old house is still the center of co-counseling. Since a long time there is a society to run the house and its qualified activities as a therapeutic center. Siglind and Johannes have started recently an action for financial help to restore the house and give it a future to go on with this effective co-counseling peer work. Siglind mailed me and informed me that they have already organized 3 charity concerts to raise money needed for the restoration. They aim for € 100.000,- and they invite you to help by this crowd funding. They housed several times, at European CCI meetings, the international CCI teachers meeting at that place for a very reasonable price. So the house itself is also international well known! It has housed many workshops, especially from people living in or nearby Münster. Siglind is a certified CCI teacher by John Heron and Johannes is qualified by Siglind. For further information you can email her also direct from our website.

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