the CCI house in Germany 2

Written by Niek on 05 May 2015.

With 'the CCI house in Germany 2´ (see also our contribution in April 28 2015) we want to make clear, how the founders of the CCI community in Münster see the future of their community. So we invited Siglind Willms to tell us about her plans and their progress about the house. Their general idea is, to make sure that the house, being since 1976 the fundamental center for practical psychological and social support, will remain also in the future to house these activities. One of them is also to house, since 1998, the CIM activities of the CCI community in Münster. Since 1976 it houses already the activities of the psychological and social support along the co-counsel insights. It is this activity in special, that still is - and will remain - to stay in emotional individual progress along the CCI approach. The house accommodates also the activities of the official association of the house Kloppenburg. Leader of the board of this association is now David Schütz (CCI trainer). The board counts now five people: 3 men and 2 women. The staff of the center counts 5 experts.Siglind writes us that they cut the restoration of the house into 3 parts.

The first part is upstairs in the house with the bureau and the tea kitchen. The second part is the part of house where Siglind lives, and the third part is the part with the big hall and the big group room aside. Siglind self took over the responsibility for part one and two and borrowed from the bank for that purpose € 200.000. The first one is finished and everybody realizes how beautiful it is now and how worn and poor it looked before.
The second part is going on now. It is important that I get a door of my own, so that we do not need any longer to use the big hall as exit and entrance, because that meant that it was to be used very little times for work. When that second part is finished, the hall could be used for many ways. Restoring my home shows on the one hand in an impressing way how old the house is and its dignity.
Many walls are taken off, the floor is opened so on the one hand we can see the structure of the timber wood (Fachwerk) with its huge oak beams, of which quite a lot are partly rotten and have to be restored, and some were taken away from the man, from whom we bought the house. That is important too. So we were shocked, that the house nevertheless did not break down. So everything in this part will be done now as well and it becomes safe to be lived in and be used easily for another 20 or thirty or more years.
So far all rooms are redone or are shut now, to get as little dust into them as possible. The third part of this restoration will go into the responsibility of our charity organization. That means, that all its members try to give money or find people, who support the renovation financially, with the aim to restore the middle part so well, that the middle and the part with the entrance to the practice and all the practice rooms stay for co-counseling, therapy and conflict-solving work. So far my report for today. Siglind will give us more information later and informs us now that they worked already for this concept for three years together with many people of the CIM and members of the charity organization.Those who want to contribute please click here.

one day later.......

The day after publishing (on May 5) I received from Siglind the following information: please sent your donation to IBAN: DE41 4005 0150 0018 42 (or BIC: WELADED 1 MST) and please put the word 'Zukunft' (future) on your transfer to the account. The money goes to our charity association and it will be used for restoring the part with the big hall to found the possibility that co-counseling work can go on in this house even when Siglind and Johannes no longer work in it. If you need more information please contact Siglind.


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