CCI workshop history

The founding process of Co-Counselling International (CCI) in 1974 was a year later sealed at the first CCI meeting in the USA in April 1975 and that summer in the first meeting in Europe. Since the CCI-approach has spread over Europe, first England and the Netherlands and soon after that in Ireland and - though not participating in a kind of European community connection - also for instance in Germany. In Hungary the first CCI meeting was in 1989.These yearly meetings, since 1993 also every three year in Aotearoa (New Zealand) , are famous as the absolute international meeting point for those who under scribe the core business of CCI as they understand this. At local or national CCI activities of CCI communities, members from communities of other countries are welcome by invitation as well.Precondition for access is, that they have completed their CCI fundamental course from a CCI accredited trainer or a member of CCI. The absence of any organisational and or authoritarian body in the CCI world and so also for these workshops, attended by those who have completed their CCI fundamental training, allows that these participants are free to facilitate at the spot all the upcoming items in the way they think themselves appropriate within the core business of CCI. The number of participants, attending these international workshops because of their way of working or their item itself, may possibly be one of their criteria to facilitate those workshops or not. The absence of any special authority in the CCI world means also, that with respect to oneself as well as to others, with - full and not judging - attention and respecting also each others autonomy, they can start any research they like.  At every international CCI meeting of 3-5 days, all participants are invited to attend the so called 'business meeting' to make all decisions they might need as the community they are for those days together, as well as sharing their actual community situations. Their decision making is by consensus.



Israel/ South Pacific

1 1975 England Guilford 1

2 1976 England Brookmanspark 2

3 1977 the Netherlands Hilversum 3

4 1978 England Sheffield 4

5 1979 Ireland Bellinter Co. Meath 5

6 1980 the Netherlands Zeist 6

7 1981 England Bollington 7

8 1982 Ireland Kilkenny 8

9 1983 the Netherlands Udelermeer 9

10 1984 England Leeds 10

11 1985 Irelad Kenmare 11

12 1986 the Netherlands Leusden 12

13 1987 England Birmingham 13

14 1988 Ireland Drogheda 14

15 1989 Hungary Egarvar 15

16 1990 the Netherlands Baarn 16

17 1991 Scotland Abbington 17

18 1992 Ireland Benburb 18

19 1993 Hungary Sergey's 19

20 1994 the Netherlands Groesbeek 20 Connecticut Hebron 1 New Zealand
21 1995 Wales Harlech 21 Connecticut Hebron

22 1996 Ireland Temonfechin 22 Connecticut Hebron

23 1997 Hungary Salgóbánya 23 Connecticut Hebron 2 New Zealand Auckland
24 1998 the Netherlands Groesbeek 24 Connecticut Norwich

25 1999 Scotland West Linton 25 Connecticut Litchfield

26 2000 Ireland Termonfechin 26 Connecticut Litchfield 3 New Zealand Wellington
27 2001 Hungary Monor 27 Connecticut Litchfield

28 2002 the Netherlands Soesterberg 28 Connecticut Hebron

29 2003 England Wimborne 29 Connecticut Hebron 4 New Zealand Taupo
30 2004 Germany Freckenhorst 30 Connecticut Ivoryton

31 2005 Ireland Termonfechin 31 Connecticut Litchfield

32 2006 Hungary Salgóbánya 32 Vermont Killington 5 New Zealand Taupo
33 2007 the Netherlands Soesterberg 33 Vermont. Killington

34 2008 Scotland Edinburgh 34 New York Silver Bay

35 2009 Germany Freckenhorst 35 Connecticut Ivoryton 6 New Zealand Taupo
36 2010 Ireland Termonfechin 36 Connecticut Ivoryton

37 2011 Hungary Monor 37 Connecticut Ivoryton

38 2012 Netherlands Bakkeveen 38 Connecticut Hartford 7 New Zealand Taupo
Launde Abbey

40 2014 Germany 40
41 2015 Ireland 41 8 New Zealand

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introduction to CCI

CCI wants to be...

a place where differences of personal conscience are fully respected and honoured. CCI is also a place to celebrate and honour our emotions as a source of growth. By creating the preconditions for the CCI process, we allow our human potentialities to blossom now and in the future in self responsibility. In CCI we practice being respectful to ourselves and others, sharing on an equal base as we learn in our fundamentals.
  • flowerThere's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
    Aldous Huxley
  • I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.
    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  • pacificlandscape
    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.
    Rumi 1207-1273