a Dutch-German CCI meeting

IMG 0307The last international CCI meeting between the Dutch and the German CCI communities was in 2014 in Germany at the CCI-Europe workshop in Germany (in Osnabrück). There they decided, living so close to each other, to meet each other also in between of the CCI-Europe International meetings. As they were used to do in the years before. The decision was made and Joke Stassen (Netherlands) and Hilla Siebenkotten (Germany) made it happen on the weekend of Friday June 5th until Sunday June 7th at 4 PM in Donkerbroek (the Netherlands). The theme of the meeting was, to celebrate our diversity. Fifteen people attended the meeting. Two of them, from Germany, attended only the last day. The program was self generated and created the very first evening. Six Germans and eight Dutchman attended the meeting that was announced by the CIM community in Germany (Münster) and on the website of the Dutch CCN- community and in CCI World News Service.


CCI-USA 2015

new beginnings: sharing by Janice Wasser

Writing this article is my way, not only of sharing with others about CCI USA 2015, but finding a way to relive some of the many wonderful experiences I had during the 6 precious days at the workshop at the recent CCI-USA international meeting. Writes Janice Wasser from Israel. First and foremost, she writes, I want to congratulate the organizers for an incredibly smooth and well planned structure for the workshop.
It was great to see how so many people chipped in to help with setting up, offering careful attention to establish a comfortable setting and also helped clean up afterwards. The daily activities were very comfortably arranged so that we could use our time as efficiently as possible. The opening circles were not too long and ended right on time. I didn't feel wiped out from going over the numerous workshops and assigning spaces and accounting for numbers of people, announcements and the like.
We were able to be self-responsible and sign up for what we wanted and access information on the various boards during the time outside of the circle. Assigning support groups went very well in my opinion. I again applaud the organizers, taking on a difficult task, but managing it gracefully and with mindful detail. Again, I hit the jackpot with a super set of ladies in my group.


CCI Israel 2013 (b)

by Rose Evison and Richard Horobin

how did you experience Old Jerusalem?

Amazing and overwhelming! A city on a hill, surrounded by walls and streets still often on the Roman plan. Layer upon layer of buildings, huddled together, both religious and secular, with many 'streets' underground. Of course there was a great diversity in religious buildings, not only Jewish synagogues, Christian churches, and Islamic mosques, but many divisions within these religions.


CCI Israel 2013 (a)

by Rose Evison and Richard Horobin

an editorial explanation

Following the first CCI international meeting held in Israel, during October 2013, Rose Rose   Richard a4Evison and Richard Horobin report their impressions of their visit to that country. Rose and Richard are a couple well known in CCI circles world wide, and are also known for their slogan "Co-counselling is about changing yourself and your world". Recently, since a report of their experiences, produced following an interview for a Scottish co-counselling magazine, was still "in press", they enquired of the Editor of the CCI World News Service if he was interested in publishing a version of this interview. They also proposed he sought comments from the Israeli co-counsellors on what has happened since CCI Israel 2013. The Editor liked these suggestions because of the authors' role in CCI (since 1974) and also because they have a message for the CCI community in general. So the floor is theirs!


an inquiry into free attention

CCI-Europe 2014 (2)

by Fred Wallace

On Monday afternoon (the first full day of the CCI-Europe meeting in Germany) about 20 people gathered to participate in an inquiry into Free Attention by John Talbut. We were instructed to pair up and choose who will be the worker first. Then John invited the people who were in the co-worker role to join him in the hallway. So all the workers were left alone. To me this raised suspicion that something was happening that I was not aware of so I lost the usual level of trust I have in the co-worker. When all the co-workers returned to the room and sat with their workers there was a strange energy. When I started co-counseling my co-worker laughed when I was serious and made sad faces when I was joyful. Soon the session deteriorated into a comedy routine with no serious work possible. A sharing round followed and everyone agreed that the inappropriate behavior exhibited by the co-worker prevented the worker from doing normal session work.

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