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new beginnings: sharing by Janice Wasser

Writing this article is my way, not only of sharing with others about CCI USA 2015, but finding a way to relive some of the many wonderful experiences I had during the 6 precious days at the workshop at the recent CCI-USA international meeting. Writes Janice Wasser from Israel. First and foremost, she writes, I want to congratulate the organizers for an incredibly smooth and well planned structure for the workshop.
It was great to see how so many people chipped in to help with setting up, offering careful attention to establish a comfortable setting and also helped clean up afterwards. The daily activities were very comfortably arranged so that we could use our time as efficiently as possible. The opening circles were not too long and ended right on time. I didn't feel wiped out from going over the numerous workshops and assigning spaces and accounting for numbers of people, announcements and the like.
We were able to be self-responsible and sign up for what we wanted and access information on the various boards during the time outside of the circle. Assigning support groups went very well in my opinion. I again applaud the organizers, taking on a difficult task, but managing it gracefully and with mindful detail. Again, I hit the jackpot with a super set of ladies in my group.

I was very happy to find buddies for my daily morning run, and that the weather cooperated. I was delighted to share the forest with some deer, a turkey, lots of birds and a fox. I attended several workshops that were enriching and well-planned. I was hugely impressed with the newcomers who stepped up to the plate at their very first CCI. I'm not sure why I can't remember all the details, but the workshops that left the most significant impression on me were Yvonne's workshop on Moving Your Stuff, Maren and Ulla's workshop on the style of co-co gatherings in Germany, and Demi's workshop on "Big Money" - all four of these facilitators hadn't been to an American CCI before - but showed up and ran these superb topic groups.
It was good fun emceeing the talent show with Marc, enjoyed the various talents and I loved the contra dancing on the last night. Richard H. and I offered a Front Porch Talk each day - where people could come to talk about the Middle East conflict. We were there to listen, as two people who don't agree about the situation, but are able to listen to each other and others who want to share their ideas.
This is the first year I played some games with the late night crowd. Thanks Liz for bringing "Snake Oil" – polishing up my comedic skills set me up for the emcee position offered to me the next day.
Once again I look back on a most splendid week of connection and positive growth. Being a part of CCI recharges my batteries and renews my faith in humankind, knowing there are great people out there who know how to relate to one another, to support and promote the healing process and think forward about growing our community and reaching outward and beyond.
Feeling much love and gratitude for you all – see you in Ireland!


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