a Dutch-German CCI meeting

IMG 0307The last international CCI meeting between the Dutch and the German CCI communities was in 2014 in Germany at the CCI-Europe workshop in Germany (in Osnabrück). There they decided, living so close to each other, to meet each other also in between of the CCI-Europe International meetings. As they were used to do in the years before. The decision was made and Joke Stassen (Netherlands) and Hilla Siebenkotten (Germany) made it happen on the weekend of Friday June 5th until Sunday June 7th at 4 PM in Donkerbroek (the Netherlands). The theme of the meeting was, to celebrate our diversity. Fifteen people attended the meeting. Two of them, from Germany, attended only the last day. The program was self generated and created the very first evening. Six Germans and eight Dutchman attended the meeting that was announced by the CIM community in Germany (Münster) and on the website of the Dutch CCN- community and in CCI World News Service.

The work started on Friday evening with an opening circle and some household affairs, and with a gathering of wishes, needs and offers. But first we started with, if necessary: 'I want you to know that ..... and this is not confidential´. So people might feel free to say what is possibly actual to them. And I said that ´I might try to word in my own words, my impressions about what I might have perceived during this workshop, and report on that in a contribution to CCI World News Service´. The weather anyway was great with a wonderful blue sky and the birds were singing. It was a concert of nature! Not only for them who were camping!

the program

The program started Saturday morning at eight with breakfast and an opening circle at nine. All workshops were facilitated by one of the participants. The first one started at 09.30 about the item of a long personal CCI session or a facilitated workshop to experience the influence of body pressure on your emotional being. After a coffee break we started at 11.30 -12.45 with a workshop about interactive drawing in the CCI style. After lunch a workshop was offered about creating a drawing with several materials and colors as you liked best, about patterns you like to let go. The dinner was great, well cooked for us all, and the evening was used to explore the item of happiness.
Sunday morning breakfast was at 8 and opening circle at 9 and welcoming two new participants from Germany. The workshop started at 10 with attention for the process of forgiveness. Followed by a short workshop about three ways to work with fear. I am afraid of ....;I am afraid that ..... and I am afraid to ........ After lunch we paid attention to; 'when I am 64 (85)- with thanks to a UK CCI member, Sally Cook, using three types of exploration: what was your perception being young (1), what is the result now (2), and what do you want it to be finally (3). The closing circle was punctually at 4PM and going home. An overview about the whole weekend makes it clear that a meeting between CCI co-counselors from the Netherlands with their German colleagues can be very fruitful!


Looking at (some) of my own spare notes, makes so clear how each of us has his/her personal approach and we each may need to celebrate our personal diversity. This is as well an observation by exploring the different ways of fear ( .. of:, fear that and fear to). The same is it with our use of language: we call all our grass and leaves green. But my green has possibly more yellow (in my opinion) than yours.... So, about what do we talk in fact? This seems to be also the case in the way we perceive differently the process of for instance being happy. The facilitator of that workshop offered us an overview about what happiness learns, and gathered 20 items. And not one was applied to me...! Interesting also is for me too the workshop about the process of forgiveness.
This was facilitated by a book written by the South African bishop Tutu in which we were invited to carry a small stone in the hand which we otherwise almost never use. Then we were invited to draw two circles on a paper. One named 'the repay circle', and one, on the right side of it , a circle called 'the forgiving cycle'. Paying attention to the repaying process it is evident that we are hurt and being hurt we have to cope with pain. Coping with pain we need to make a choice. Whether we want to repay that pain or we want to forgive it. At that moment of choice, we can step over to the circle of the process of forgiveness or to stay in the process of repaying. My attention was attracted to the process of choice and its connection (in my view) with the CCI process in general. Because one (common) reason to start with following the CCI process, is the fact that we are hurt emotionally by something. Bishop Tutu invited us, and so we were invited by the facilitator, to tell the story why we are hurt, to name the pain that has been done to us, and finally to forgive what happened. Definitely it all was an excellent weekend and we look forward to the next meeting!



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