welcome to CCI-USA 2012

Written by Niek on 24 February 2012.

The program planners of the coming international CCI-USA meeting, starting next April 17th until April 22nd at West Hartford (Connecticut) have recently installed a special website for this event. The event itself is, already a long time ago, announced on their community website. As we reported already in our edition of December 10th 2011. Now we ask your special attention for another website of this event (copyrighted 2012). There the program planners (Adam, Ann,Cheryl and Gilli) tell you why they choose for the item 'Loving You -Loving Me' for this international event. They say: we chose our theme 'Loving You – Loving Me', to encourage us all to explore the nature of our relationships with others that support our individual emotional growth and well being'. Publishing a special website,only for such an event is a new initiative!The website is to consult by clicking on 'workshop information', where the event is announced on their website.


power up your brain....

Written by Niek on 17 February 2012.


Coming home from our visit to CCI New Zealand, I found an email from a Dutch CCI co-counselor informing me about 'the neuroscience of enlightenment' send to me on behalf of another Dutch co-counselor, being also interested in 'what is CCI about'! Thanks for this initiative!

Having learned in the past, definitely not to neglect such suggestions, I put it aside to do first what had to be done. Now it is time and look what I discovered, not being a scientist myself!

'Power up your brain' is the title of a booklet, issued around February last year, available by Amazon (paperback $ 10,85), written by Alberto Villoldo PhD and David Perlmutter. The subtitle of their book is: 'the neuroscience of enlightenment'.


couples workshop

Written by Niek on 17 February 2012.

villa augustusThe Dutch CCI couples group – existing since 1995 – recently met at the city of Dordrecht for the first time in 2012. They are scheduled to meet again on June 8 in the north of the Netherlands. This long term couples group, varying in size during the years from 3 to 5 couples, we all are growing older! , meet several times a year and create their schedule for their meeting-day, according to their personal needs at the spot. And they take turns in hosting their group. So we were in the oldest town, in the west of the Netherlands, founded in 1015 by Dirk the third, who was allowed by the bishop of Utrecht at that time, to collect tolls from passing ships. At that historic place we decided to develop for CCI Europe 2012 in Fryslân a special CCI couples workshop at Bakkeveen. The workshop will show which possibilities has been turned out to be practical and beneficial to the participants. The decision to offer this workshop was made at a coffee visit to a nearby restaurant housed in a former water tower complex, build in 1882, close to the old city center.

tenth CCI-USA women's retreat

on 06 February 2012.

Jenny Dillman Marks reports: 'The tenth annual Co-counseling Women's Winter Retreat was held at Angels' Rest Retreat House in Leyden, MA, USA,January 19th-22nd. Twelve women were in attendance. The retreat design allows each woman to design her own retreat, providing minimal structure. throughout. Hour by hour, we each make conscious choices about when to be alone with ourselves and when to be with others. The retreat begins with an opening ritual to help us step away from our day-to-day lives, which so often center around caring for others, and into an "inward-facing, retreating" experience, where our own needs and wants become the central focus. The retreat ends with a ritual to help us claim what we've discovered through retreating, and prepare to return to our regular lives, replenished and supported.


more of the same?

Written by Niek on 30 January 2012.

In my editorial of January 12th (CCI Aotearoa 2012 is over!) I shared my vision on several CCI meetings I attended the last years. And their impact for me. So I shared also my recent vision on CCI (for now), because 'I want to live in peace with my past, my present and my future'. Before I go into two recent reactions of readers, I want to adapt a way of expressing from the Tauhara Retreat Center in New Zealand. They say: ' Tauhara is the expression of an unfolding vision'. And I want to adapt that expression by stating: 'CCI is an expression of an unfolding vision'. And the vision is: 'that CCI is a way of living in peace with the past, the present and the future in a non authoritarian environment, respecting everybody and anything'.

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