welcome to Steve Roche

Written by Niek on 19 May 2014.

 SteveCoCoWe welcome Steve Roche, CCI trainer of the United Kingdom. He discovered the CCI approach in the early 1990s he writes. And it made an instant difference to his life! Read more about his discoveries. And especially his experiences with the Peer Support Network. That website ( tells us that PSN is a system for taking care of yourself, to help you function more effectively and feel more satisfied with your life. It's a way to improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing, and to become more resilient and better able to cope with life's challenges. It provides a safe place to talk about what is difficult in your life and find new ways to deal with things more effectively. Click, click trainers and choose CCI trainers United Kingdom. Welcome!



CCI teachers meet in Germany

Written by Niek on 19 May 2014.

Friday July 25th at 5pm all CCI trainers and those who are interested in spreading co-counseling in the world, are invited to attend the CCI Europe trainers meeting at Haus Kloppenburg in Münster, Germany. They will stay there till July 27th after breakfast and are invited by the Münster CCI community. The CCI meeting itself, the so called CCI Europe 2014 meeting, will be in Haus Ohrbeck, near the Teuturger Forest in Georgsmarienhütte and starts on July 27th till august 2nd. Several weeks before this teachersmeeting Siglind Willms, one of the founders of the Münster CCI Community and author, together with Johannes Risse, of their experiens for years of co-counseling (in the German language), wrote an invitation in English to the participants. We asked her, if it was permitted to publish this text and she offered us her consent inmediately. She wrote: 'siglind

91 people!

Dear Co-Counsellors!Did you ever hear, that there were 91 people ready to book fundamentals at the same time? Especially young people from university, students of medicine, psychology and philosophy. Did you ever experience that announcing a co-counselling-workshop in the ordinary newspaper makes so many peopele want to join in, that you get a workshop of 20 participants? We did not do so for 39 years, but this year both things happened and it is like a dream for the co-counselling teachers in Haus Kloppenburg and the CIM. At the teacher’s workshop and in a workshop during the week of CCI we offer to work on this development and how it could happen. We could love to do this together with co-counsellors from the international community and learn together how we can go on. Therefore we invite you heartly.

Love and Hug from Siglind'


CCI Europe 2014 in Germany

Written by Niek on 13 December 2013.

The theme for the CCI Europe 2014 international meeting in Germany (July 27th to August 2nd) is: living here and now'.'The flyer about this meeting – in English – says: send bookings by June 30th 2014 (so they can take account of all your wishes) to Büschl B. Beck, Sophienstr. 35, D-48145 Münster, Germany; email: < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >. Accommodation depends upon the availability at the time. The early booking discount until December 31st is minus 40 Euro; late bookings after July 1st plus 30 Euro's. Organizer of the meeting is the Counsel-Initiative Münsterland (CIM): See further full information. Direct any inquiries you may have to the contact persons: Verena Schütte: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Siglind Willms: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . They continue: 'When we have received your booking, and at least a down payment, we will send confirmation and travel details.In an email dated December 18 we are informed that the date for EARLY BIRD bookings has changed into FEBRUARY 28 2014.(was December 31 2013)


emotions, meaning, exploitation, liberation (2)

on 06 December 2013.

by Daniel Stosiek

Daniel Stosiek continues his sharing with our readers his thoughts around emotions, meaning, exploitation and liberation as he started in our last issue. Before his workshop around this item at the recent CCI meeting in Israel, I received a copy of his text. And I was impressed because what he said was fairly new to me. And sometimes difficult to understand. (Which is my problem!) The workshop did not really contribute to a better insights. That came later, after 'working' with his text. Now I need more time to process this information. It gives me anyway food for reflection and contributes to look at the CCI approach more profound. Thanks for sharing. Daniel. And what does it to you?


emotions, meaning, exploitation, liberation (1)

on 01 December 2013.

by Daniel Stosiek

Daniel Stosiek, member of the CCI community in Münster (Germany) was – again – in Israel last October, to attend the CCI meeting organized by the Dror community. Daniel facilitated there a workshop about his thoughts around emotions, meaning, exploitation and liberation. They are based on his experiences in Israel as well in South America. In his workshop – and in what he wrote to explain his views - he underlines how everything in our world is connected – and influenced – by everything. As participating in one big process! Thanks Daniel for clarifying and sharing that and thanks for showing how this impacts our views


CCI-USA 2014

on 01 December 2013.

The annual CCI international meeting 2014 will be organized from April 22 to April 27 2014 at Incarnation Center in Ivoryton, Connecticut, USA, and local co-counselors can provide travel assistance from, New York, Hartford, Boston, Providence and New Haven airport and train stations.
All those who have completed basic co-counseling training are welcome to attend . The flyer for this meeting, the 40ies in succession, says: 'we meet to validate, discharge and re-evaluate using the co-counseling process. We share our knowledge, skills and experience and celebrate our differences in an atmosphere of warm safety, joyful growth and interested caring.'


CCI Israel 2013

Written by Niek on 15 November 2013.

This writing is created about ten days – and later - after arriving home from the CCI meeting 2013 in Israel. It is meant to give some personal impressions of this CCI meeting in this for Europeans Middle East country. A country – for me - so rich with so many historic items, well known places by hearsay in the past and in the actuality of today. A melting pot of so many belief systems from the past and the present. These all, mixed with my personal history – and that of my family – makes it almost impossible to write about this country without honoring also my personal feelings. This country is for me very special, as this CCI meeting is, at the mount Carmel, part of the city of Haifa.


testimonial for co-counseling

on 15 November 2013.

Thomas Scheff

In this article, professor emeritus of sociology Thomas Scheff , University of California in Santa Barbara, USA, reports about his very personal experiences some forty years ago. As editor of this CCI information service I want to honor and validate Thomas' personal initiative, to share with our readers this personal happening. He writes:
'When I was 40, 44 years ago, I had just gotten divorced, and my ex had taken our children to Hawaii for a year. Missing my children, and not realizing I could have gotten a court order to bring them back, I was miserable.


babies cry have a meaning

Written by Niek on 27 October 2013.

Coming back from the CCI (co-counseling international) meeting 2013 in Israel there is a lot to process. About that more soon and later. Because there is so much to deal with! One of them are the talks with individual participants about 'a simple introduction' of Co-Counseling International (CCI). Basic in my statements about that simple introduction are the emotional reactions already in babyhood. They prove, in my vision, that sharing and creating are also already basic human reactions. And they are related to emotional impressions. So there is nothing wrong with those reactions. Not in babyhood and neither later on. What anyway economic theories also might order!
Coming home my regional daily paper (Leeuwarder Courant) informs us about understanding 'why babies cry', mentioning a so called 'Dunstan baby language '. In about 0,24 seconds Google offers me nevertheless 74.500 results about this item.


backgrounds of a website

Written by Niek on 09 October 2013.

Using the search button (on top right of your page) of this website for 'CCI introduction', there are about 30 topics to look after. This indicates how important this topic is in the mind of the editor. That is right and started all ready in 1982 by sharing where CCI stands for. So this was also a topic at the recent Dutch CCI trainers meeting in Donkerbroek. Because for practicing the CCI approach, each member needs a partner, and a partner needs you.
So it is not only the CCI trainer who is responsible for the CCI future, it is in every member's interest. And so we talked about a very simple CCI introduction in Dutch to support and hook into the already existing emotional experiences by people who want possibly to know more about this approach.

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