a website proposal

Written by Niek on 09 October 2013.

Using the 'read more' button below, you receive a taster of the content of a proposed CCI public website in English. This site is especially developed for them, who want to know more about handling their own emotions themselves. This handling your emotions site is in their local language, using the internet and is representing the CCI philosophy. This proposal of CCI World News Service will be soon also available in Dutch.
More information about the backgrounds and ideas of this proposal of a simple introduction of CCI, will be in our editorial 'backgrounds'. Commends are welcome.


Dutch CCI trainers meeting

Written by Niek on 03 October 2013.

For the first time since years, seven accredited Dutch CCI trainers met last weekend at Donkerbroek. They met on Saturday morning around 10 AM and left Sunday afternoon about 4PM. They will meet again in October 2014. Headlines of the actual meeting 2013 are, so we decided at the spot: a round about 'whom am I now, and my minimal expectations of this meeting'. And anyway we wanted to share our views about 1) the development of the CCI World Pass; 2) a simple introduction about handling your emotions yourself; 3) our future; and 4) on Saturday evening, a workshop 'voicing' offered by one of the participants.
The seven attending trainers decided to take time slots of 1,5 hour for sharing around each item; there was no recording and we all agreed upon the suggestion, that personal impressions would be published at the public website CCI World News Service and at the website of the Dutch CCI community CCN.


a process of simplicity

Written by Niek on 25 September 2013.

Being in an process of simplification is a long term activity. Anyway it is for me. Because while the time goes on, my process seems also to unfold itself. That already is amazing to observe. Not only because of the fact that it seems to go on, but also that it successfully seems to evolve by itself!. Sometimes it looks like a puzzle. And it is that the more, because sometimes I do even not know where I am after. While it is inside me a complete mess and I need time to digest what is going on there. Which is anyway again also a process!

Only later I may distinguish, 'that what happened' makes sense. Because it fits in so exactly with what I was after! Something new, something that anyway fits in with my conditions, that I may call it ' a new insight! By that I do observe also where I was after. And that is also already a discovery in itself! I am grateful to that process. Because it is close to my authentic being.


CCI in Aotearoa in 2015!

on 25 September 2013.

The international contact person of CCI Aotearoa (New Zealand) Virginia de Joux from Wellington, informs us by email that their community (CCI Aotearoa, New Zealand) is delighted to announce the dates for our international CCI workshop, 2015 are 16 - 22 Jan, 2015. And she advices you to pencil them in now!

We will meet in Auckland at Kawai Purapura she writes. In case you want to have a look yourself where that is, north of the city itself, have a look at their website. Kawai Purapura is a retreat centre and an holistic village at 14 Mils Lane, Albany, North Shore, Auckland. Kawai means the memory and the ancestry, the tracing of the linage from the past. Kawai is also the wisdom of the past embedded in the land and Purapura means the seed of the future, as this website words it.


shame as a key

on 14 September 2013.

by prof. Thomas Scheff

The author of this note, Thomas Scheff, Professor Emeritus at UCSB, Santa Barbara Ca. USA, has given this contribution the title of 'shame as a key to modern societies'. In his email to me he writes also that he thinks that the content of it is essential and that 'it will be a hard meal to digest'. He starts his article with quoting Aldous Huxley and an abstract of the content.

 Great is truth, but still silence about
truth. ...simply not mentioning certain subjects....
influences opinion much more effectively than ...
the most eloquent denunciations.
Aldous Huxley.

the CCI-Europe meeting 2013

on 21 August 2013.

by  Marlies Tjallingii

CCI World News Service was this time not able to attend the CCI -Europe meeting 2013 in England, so we invited Marlies Tjallingii, a CCI trainer from the Netherlands, to report her personal impressions for us. She does very well, reporting:

'Dear CCI co-counselors, Back home my wonderful memories of CCI 2013 in Launde Abbey in Leicestershire, in the heart of England, are coming back. Remembering the group of 69 people of whom 47 from England, Wales and Scotland, 2 people from Israel, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from the US, 7 from Germany, 6 from The Netherlands, 1 from Hungary and 4 from Ireland. 


CCI-USA 's Openings Newsletter

Written by Niek on 09 August 2013.

'Openings', the newsletter of the CCI community in the USA , issued on August 5th 2013 is now, 2 days later, on line at the website of CCI-USA .This newsletter has been edited for exactly 12 years by Carol Driscoll and in her contribution for this issue she announces her 'stepping down'. She memorizes that she 'three times a year asked for contributions for the newsletter and you delivered.' 'You let your voice be heard'. And she thanks Lanette for 'being willing to step in as editor of Openings'.
In 'Editor's Lettitor' Lanette thanks also the authors for their contribution in this issue, 'without which there would be no newsletter'. This CCI-USA newsletter counts 17 pages with articles. Those who are mentioned in this summary by name has agreed with being mentioned and quoted.


Co-Counseling week in West Cornwall

Written by Niek on 06 July 2013.

Two CCI co-counselors, Nigel and Thelma invite you to join them for Co-Counseling and fun activities in one of the most beautiful places in Britain. 'Enjoy a week of co-counseling, walking, meditation, relaxation, visiting ancient sites, celebration, being by or in the sea, dancing and nurturing at Boswedden House. The week will be peer led. If you have a workshop you want to offer, do come prepared or ask for support from others.


new digital info carrier and CCI

Written by Niek on 05 July 2013.

Somewhere last March some Dutch journalists and other authors met several times in private talks and decided finally to start together a digital information carrier. The most information of this new and only digital daily paper, will only be accessible for members. No advertisements are allowed. There only is a small editorial staff and there will be in total nine so called co-workers. Their first aim was, to do some practical research. Because they wanted to know if there is any interest for such a full digital information carrier. There is. Already almost halfway last April, more than 20.000 individuals had subscribed, and paid their fee for the start of the experiment next September. Since the initiators are busy with developing their ideals into reality!

Special interests of CCI World News Service for this new initiative is based on its basic assumptions. Basic assumptions of the so called 'the Correspondent' are, that the authors are self responsible and independent, and that the users of this information service are all members and especially invited to be involved with the content of the service itself.


the DCP - book

on 18 June 2013.

The DCP (Designed Change Process) is an invention developed by one of the three founders of the non authoritarian Co-Counseling International self help approach: Tom Sargent. Dedicated to the memory and teaching of Tom, Bob Schoenberg wrote recently a book ($16.52: free shipping on orders over $25) about this way of working with stress, feelings and behavior. Amazon ( and search for Designed Change Process) starts its book description with: 'Change will happen. Whether you want it to or not, things will change. The outcome can be one you choose and deliberately design, or you can be a passive victim. 

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