the designed change process

on 18 June 2013.

by Bob Schoenberg
Designed Change Process - Managing Stress, Feelings and Behavior, as the name implies, offers ways of managing stress, feelings and changing one's behavior. The Process is based on a bimodal model of behavior. One is Automatic, rigid and often triggered by distress. The other one is Intentional with flexibility, clarity and maximum amount of choice. Both, however, are essential, although oftentimes the Automatic behavior can be inappropriate or become outdated.


CCN annual meeting 2013

Written by Niek on 10 June 2013.

Some 10 members attended last Sunday (June 2nd) CCN's annual meeting 2013 - of the Dutch CCI community (83 members in 2012) – at Amsterdam. A small but select society, of which the board – in total 3 persons – was represented by Nettie (photo left), the secretary of the board. The role of 'day-speaker' was successfully met by Rob (photo right) and the finances of 2012 were also successfully controlled and approved by Henk and Marian. We validated the work of treasurer Emmy, and of those who organized and reported about their work for the CCI international meeting Europe 2012 in the Netherlands! Following the agenda of the meeting we talked about the final reviewing of the domestic rules of our community (next annual meeting), the annual report of the board and about the practice of the institution of the international contact person(s).


Zen Peter passed away

Written by Niek on 07 June 2013.

At the age of 87 years Peter de Bruijn, well known in circles of the Dutch CCI community CCN (82 members) as Zen Peter, died on June 6 in Amsterdam. At the general meeting of this community, on Sunday June second, also in Amsterdam, was already announced 'that Zen Peter had started his final journey on our earth'. CCN is mourning for the loss of Peter who is international and in the Amsterdam region known as a very peaceful, loving and joyful personality. He also was a supporter of the German Bert Hellinger's family constellation.And he  was famous  in using Tibetan sound bowls in relation to one's given name. The last international CCI meeting he attended was the meeting at Bakkeveen in the Netherlands in 2012. The farewell ceremony of Peter will be on next Tuesday (June 11th ) in Amsterdam. That he may rest in peace


CCI meeting in Israel

on 28 May 2013.

Janice Wasser of the Dror CCI community in Israel send us a special letter to invite you (again!) to come to the first CCI community in Israel next October! Those who intend to go: the application form is available.

She writes:

'Dear CCI Adventurers,
I'm sending you this follow up note as I understood you are interested in attending the CCI in Israel this October.


new CCI-USA editor!

Written by Niek on 28 May 2013.

Since a very long time already, Carol Driscoll has been the editor of the CCI-USA - (paper) community magazine Openings. And she intended, already for a long time also, to hand over that editorship to somebody else, as she announced several times after moving down southwards in the USA to New Mexico. After leaving Connecticut in the early 2000, she resigned as CCI trainer in CCI World News Service, in 2010. Now we are informed that Lanette Errante, member of CCI-USA, is ready to take over this task! And Carol deserves to be delighted! We congratulate CCI-USA with the fact that finally somebody like Lanette stepped forwards to succeed Carol! Because we know Lanette as an excellent reporter, a very skilled writer and brilliant 'worder' and interpreter. The last issue of CCI-USA Openings dates from June/September 2012 and we are looking forward to the next one!


CCI-USA 2013 (3)

on 14 May 2013.

life action and topics

Part of the closing circle of CCI-USA 2013 is directed by Jenny's life action, after the final meeting of all the support groups, meeting at their gathering places at this CCI.

This life action invites us to answer in pairs four questions. First: state what your life action is: 'I will ........';

second: 'state by when your life action will be done';

third: 'agree how you will be in touch with your counselor' and

fourth: 'counselor how will you be in touch if you do not hear from your worker/partner/client'.


CCI-USA 2013 (2)

Written by Niek on 14 May 2013.

the third full day

A new bright day with singing birds! And the peacock is back! As I discovered yesterday afternoon in 'the animal garden'. With lama's, donkeys, goats, a for me unknown kind of pig, as well as crowing roosters, all day long! In the opening circle the four Dutchman (3 woman – Joke, Anja and Corrie and one man) invited all the participants to walk slowly in the big hall, in a stately manner, to greet each other. Like a King needs to do. Referring on the coronation of the Dutch king 4 days later. After this greetings they all were invited to join the polonaise while singing: to stop the train, pull on the chain here, penalty for improper use 5 pounds!'.


CCI-USA 2013 (1)

on 08 May 2013.

         device: 'departing patterns'

The international CCI meeting 2013 in the USA, from April 23rd to April 28th was dedicated to 'departing patterns and arriving in the present'. As the booklet says in its contents: welcome, about culture and self-care, about CCI business, about CCI 2013 (like participants, Introductions of those and support group info, suggested topic group design, goods en services and silent and live auction). The booklet contains in total 28 pages inclusive 'suggestions for managing breakdowns, CCI guidelines of 1974/1990 and1994, the CCI-USA community guidelines and by-laws, a consensus process flowchart and – guidelines (1999), the participants list (62 participants of which 54 from the USA, 2 from the UK, 4 from the Netherlands, 1 from Israel en I of Spain). Later they all got a paper about 'the well-being of the CCI-USA community' containing guidelines for participation in the CCI-USA community, community trust persons, resolving conflicts and breakdowns of trust in the CCI-USA community and the well-being committee.


arriving in the presence

Written by Niek on 22 April 2013.

Part of the theme of the CCI-USA 2013 meeting is the actual message: '...arriving in the presence'. Literally we arrived, as the last passengers of flight EI 139 at 7 PM from Dublin to Boston on April 17th , in the almost empty arriving hall of Logan Airport. Among the very few visitors of that time was our host, waiting for us from New Haven (Connecticut): Fred Wallace, living in the CoCounseling House of this center of the Yale University at that city. On his business card it explains that CCI CoCounseling Liberates the Human Spirit. And with that declaration we too are utterly in the presence! And that represents also the blossoming plumb tree next to the CoCounseling House! (see photo).
The total theme of the CCI-USA meeting 2013 says: 'departing from pattern ...arriving in the presence' , which observation is in my view, quite simple in itself. Because the aim of CCI co-counseling is anyway meant, in my view, to review what has happened to you in the past, seen in the present of now and with the knowledge of that presence.


CCI fundamentals of 1995!

Written by Niek on 22 April 2013.

Harlech, Wales, UK, 1995. It is summer and CCI Europe, meets at Harlech, Wales UK. John Heron is invited to talk to what they still call the 'CCI-teachers gathering'. An impressive meeting. For sure. Back in my memories: some 30 CCI trainers attended that meeting. My thoughts go back to that event, now almost 20 years ago. Motive is the range of articles of Em. Prof. Tom Scheff about a new psychotherapy of emotions, as just published in this newsletter.
In my thanks to Tom for his contribution I mentioned also that CCI (Co-Counseling International) since 1974 developed the conviction that core principals of CCI may be the non authoritarian (peer) approach, in organization and in practice. This editorial tells about that and reminds me to John Heron's talk at Harlech.

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