a simple CCI introduction (1)

on 10 February 2013.

Since October 2012 a simple introduction of the CCI approach has been the subject in several articles on this website. Now we will try to summarize the ideas into three parts: 1) essentials, 2) content, 3) comments followed by provisional conclusions.
Like the CCI approach itself, a simple introduction will be a process in and of itself. And, this introduction is open to whatever developments, new insights, and regional and/ or cultural customs, as well as, and most importantly, to different regional and national languages. Essentials of a simple introduction of CCI are a whole range of items. This summary doesn't intend to be complete. Every reader is invited to contribute.


a social/emotional theory (2)

on 10 February 2013.

Thomas Scheff Professor Emeritus at UCSB, Santa Barbara Ca. USA, continues here his article called 'a social/emotional theory of mental illness' (see our edition of February 3), recently published in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Prof. Scheff is dedicated to the basics of (CCI) co-counseling. He gave us his permission to publish this article in three sections and we are grateful for his support! This is the second section


wishful thinking and reality

Written by Niek on 06 February 2013.

Sometimes the difference between wishful thinking and reality can be disappointing. One benefit, though, is that one may begin to inquire about why they are wishful thinking, and if it's a waste of time. What is the drive behind wishful thinking? Has something like that happened before? What was the answer at that time? And is such an answer possibly also useful for now as well?
I believe it is OK to have wishful thoughts. Why? Because without wishful thoughts nothing will ever happen. And it is wise to check your own thoughts with other ones. Not only my newer ones with my older ones, but certainly also those of other people. To develop together possibly a new approach to solve what seems to be a long term 'problem'. And the problem is, how to promote the CCI approach in a simple way.


a social/emotional theory 1

on 03 February 2013.

tom2Thomas Scheff Professor Emeritus at UCSB, Santa Barbara Ca. USA, send us an article called 'a social/emotional theory of mental illness', recently published in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Prof. Scheff is dedicated to the basics of (CCI) co-counseling. He gave us his permission to publish this article in three sections and we are grateful for his support!


One reason that theories of mental illness have made little progress may be their focus on individuals, omitting the social/ relational and emotional world.


CCI and oppression

on 01 February 2013.

In a recent Skype talk with Fred Wallace (emotional supporter or ' teacher ' of CCI-USA), he told us being asked to explain how we in CCI – without any authority – handle the phenomenon of oppression. His answer is published below with his consent.

CCI does not address the concept of oppression. Everyone is oppressed in some way. We are oppressed by others, but mostly we oppress ourselves through the patterns we developed in our childhood.


CCI intro's

Written by Niek on 23 January 2013.

It is interesting to review my first meeting with CCI. How I acted, where I was, what I was looking for. That all now happened in the beginning of the 1980ies. My life was in a kind of disorder. So I did really not know how to go on. There was no plan to look for. As far as I remember, I only was curious. Curious about what happened to me, why, and about my own reactions. What happened in those days anyway re-echo's today. Because I am busy with trying to develop a simple way – in ones own language – of introducing the CCI approach in my emotional life. For sure I remember also from those days, that a non authoritarian setting, with self responsibility, for me already was an essential need. 


McCoCo 2013

on 09 January 2013.

wistonlodgeThe annual McCoCo (CCI) workshop is taking place over four days around the first (British) May Bank Holiday that is: 2-6 May 2013. The organizers have asked me, Geoff Rowe, to post a message about this residential in Facebook, which will take place in the beautiful Borders of Scotland he writes. 'The venue, Wiston Lodge, is easily accessed from either Glasgow or Edinburgh if you are traveling by train or plane. It is situated just off the main motorway from England. Full details are on the CoCo Info site, if you are able to log onto it otherwise, just ask' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


facilitators in emotional fields

Written by Niek on 07 January 2013.

CCI facilitators are mostly named teachers or trainers in CCI (Co-Counseling International) circles. That is originally the case, because they were first based in the USA in the 1970ies. That was in the time of the decrease of authoritarian behavior in society. And my preference is now, to call them more like people that introduce others into another way of behavior or thinking: managing your emotional life yourself in a healthy way that suits you best.

How to manage their emotions themselves have also those 'teachers' especially obtained by just practicing it in the CCI line. Like all other CCI community members have done also. Besides, they are willing to share what they have gained themselves by doing so. And that is also why they have to play a special role within these CCI circles. Because they are responsible that safety within the CCI communities stays secured. In fact every member of that community practices this responsibility. Because all members do have equal rights and responsibilities. Nevertheless, the so to call 'facilitators' are the only CCI members who are entitled to decide if new members have proved 'enough' of the new behavior, during their introduction, to secure this safety for themselves as well as for others in the community. 


CCI-USA 2013; CCI Europe 2014

on 20 December 2012.

CCI-USAThe dates for the CCI-USA international meeting are April 23rd – 28th 2013 at Incarnation Center, Ivoryton CT, USA. The flyer about this event with information about all you need to know to attend, is available at the CCI-USA website. Also the registration form is online available. 

About the workshop it says: 'The annual CCI-USA International Workshop enables Co-counselors from around the United States and the world to come together and share energy, connection, and enthusiasm. We gather to build and practice our skills in co-counseling and to enjoy the warmth of community.


CCI-news in Facebook

Written by Niek on 20 December 2012.

We live in an era of almost visible transformations. Among others is this already perceptible by the information carriers we use nowadays. Like websites, twitter, Skype, Facebook etc. to name a few. About that later. We will focus on Facebook first.

recent CCI introduction in HungaryFacebook has already developed in a direction of being one of those carriers of information. It has even already changed since we joined at CCI USA 2009 the Co-Counseling International Facebook group. Recently CCI World News Service gathered five different items about CCI, published since the first of December of this year on that page.

Our editorial policy direct us to ask all five authors of these posts for permission to quote their information on our fully public website. And we invited them too to add some personal lines to that if they liked to do so. All five – women – were OK with publishing their statements. And we feel honored to do so. We start with quoting Àgota from Hungary, about a recent introduction course of the CCI approach.

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