not by accident.......

Written by Niek on 07 December 2012.

venue CCI meeting 2000CCI World News Service is not by accident a public website. Neither is the name of this site chosen by accident. The start of it all is now almost 13 years ago. It happened on an outside terrace of a pub in Wellington, New Zealand. That was just after New Year, and after an energizing CCI international meeting near the capital of Aotearoa. I was energized by this 2000 CCI meeting and by the enthusiasm, the capabilities and the hospitality of the hosts and their participants. Sitting there, outside in the sun (!) at a terrace, I discussed with a Kiwi, who did not know anything about CCI, the promotional possibilities of internet in relation to the CCI approach how to handle yourself your own emotions. 


numbers of visitors

Written by Niek on 01 December 2012.

The last day of last month (November 2012) we decided to quit the service of Statcounter, to ensure that, visiting CCI World News Service, wouldn't leave any cookies in your computer. Likewise we didn't like to invite you, time by time, to authorize us to leave cookies in your computer.

From the start in the year 2000, we have administrated the number of visitors of our website and saw them growing to about 88.000 yesterday. Almost half of them were first time visitors. Knowing this made us aware, that this activity is another way of telling people about CCI or distribute a flyer. We thank Statcounter for their service to inform us so promptly about the world wide audience of our information


CCI in Bristol (UK)

Written by Niek on 29 November 2012.

(CCI) bridge in Bristol (England)

James Nichol and Celia Wilson, two UK 'introducers' (UK trainers) of the CCI approach informed us about an introduction of this approach they will facilitate end March 2013 in Bristol (UK). The introduction takes in total 5 days (= 40 hours) on 23/24 March, 27/28 April and 19 May. The invitation to have a look at their website in facebook about their introduction course, arrived November 27th .

So I mailed James that I appreciated this activity, asking of the bridge on the website really is Bristol and told him that it is interesting to observe how activities of one (or a group ) does energize others. He answered: 'I agree that groups can encourage each other by sharing initiatives. 


trust, security and courage

Written by Niek on 27 November 2012.

dottersIn several recent articles about the CCI approach is mentioned that this approach is build on trust. Practicing trust, as one of the backbones of my being, learns me to become aware how big the difference is between my living in trust and with what we do mostly in our daily life. As an example: in many countries, like the Netherlands, we need identification papers, to prove that we are the one we say we are. So that society is – more or less – 'back-boned by' and often 'build' on distrust. Anyhow, I have to be prudent.

A personal result of the second world war for me is, still that I always have – since 1945 – my Passport with me. That became my second nature! Another example is, that practicing the art of listening is, any way in my observation, uncommonly and difficult. Because our (my) attention is far more fixed on 'what I want to reply', than what the speaker really tries to say! The origin of that is – anyhow again in my observation - possibly also my fear. What I hear them say is not exactly – or not at all - what they (try) to say. What I hear is what I fear: to what degree am I attacked in some or another way by what they say. So I have to defend myself. And that is what absorbs almost all my attention. My answer is dedicate to neutralize how much I will be hurt.


worthy to be remembered

Written by Niek on 27 November 2012.

Some accidents are unbelievable! Quite a while ago I received an email from Bob Sawyer, one of the Communication Coordinators of CCI-USA ( , that the new Openings (newsletter only for members) was available at this also only for members to read part at their website. So I started reading what later turned out to be the issue of June 2011. More about that later.

Shortly after that I discovered that the last issue was dated June 2012. So I asked Bob when he mailed the message that this was on line. The unbelievable part of this story is, that the intro of the Openings (June 2011) I started to read 'hit me' as news. Because the editor welcomes its readers 'to the first ever completely electronic issue'. Which means the end of the paper copies of this information source. That is news!


the Peer Support Network

Written by Niek on 20 November 2012.

At first we want to thank the (UK) Suffolk CCI Development Team for their answers on our ten questions about their work as exposed in 'I hate my boss'. (See 'comments on 10 questions' of November 11th.) Second: the existence of what they name (their) 'Peer Support Network', is for me now far more important than just becoming aware of the existence of 'some other new CCI website'. Because this Peer Support Network made me conscious, that this awaking is possibly as important for me, as Neil Armstrong's visit to the moon in 1969 was for mankind! He named that 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'.

It seems to be in this case, for me so because – in my view - this so called Peer Support Network on internet is, the more I think about it, by itself almost organic incorporated in the existing – free of charge - and continuously developing CCI approach! Thanks to the computer technology, that we can use now different websites, keeping the content confidential and only for those who are really interested in it. 


dates of CCI Europe 2015

Written by Niek on 20 November 2012.

James D. Reddy, one of the organizers of the CCI Europe international meeting 2015 in Ireland, mails us that this meeting starts on Saturday July 25th and ends on Saturday August 1st 2015. He has booked the venue 'An Grianán', Termonfeckin, County Louth, for that period and they can accommodate 60 to 80 people. The venue is right on the East Coast of Ireland within walking distance of the beach, through a golf course. We have used this venue already many times to house the European CCI meeting, already from 1996 on! Have also a look at the website of the  IrishCountrywomen's Association.
He mails also that he booked provisionally as well a bungalow for 8 people to sleep at the same venue for a CCI Teachers Workshop from the evening of Thursday July 27th. Depending on numbers we may need an extra bungalow he writes. Expressions of interest and support are welcome and we validate this initiative as we do this initiator!


CCI experience along internet?

Written by Niek on 13 November 2012.

space2The gift of the UK (Suffolk) CCI development Team, of a more simple introduction of the perception of the CCI approach by own emotional experiences, brought us the question 'if internet could play a role in this'. Putting forward this question was answering it in Dutch. More about that further on.
Simultaneously, in the Netherlands, we realized that we had to face as well an economical as a political crises. And besides that, the news informed us, that nowadays about 200.000 people in the Netherlands use internet to get 'emotional help'.
The CCI approach, as a self help method, is not among them.


comments on 10 questions

Written by Niek on 13 November 2012.

The publication 'I hate my boss', as a gift from the Suffolk CCI Development Team (UK) on last October 25th, has developed a range of activities. First we wrote a letter to the team to congratulate them with their initiative and second to ask their – and others – attention for some parts of this approach. Also with the aim to bring these questions, and their answers or comments, to our readers. This publication, mindful to the core principles of CCI (non authoritarian and reciprocal respect) is the result of that. Together with the Suffolk CCI Development Team we invited also 3 Americans, one Hungarian and one Dutch CCI member to react; 3 of them, did not (yet) so far. Personally of all questions, number 10 turned out, to be for me the most imposing one. It asks if there is a possibility to develop a kind of simple CCI introduction course on internet that might help people to find their own way along the CCI lines? Verbalizing that question turned out to be also an invitation to myself to develop a set-up in Dutch. More about that in the next editorial.


' I hate my boss!'

on 25 October 2012.

The Suffolk CCI Development Team in the United Kingdom inform us with the following question / statement:
'So, is it possible to teach Co-Counselling to people at work? Yes, it certainly is. It's happening in Suffolk UK, where CCI teachers and developers have successfully adapted the traditional Fundamentals course. A streamlined version of co-co called PSN (Peer Support Network) has been created primarily by reducing the number and complexity of interventions, simplifying the language (more plain English, less jargon), and modifying the emphasis and depth of the method. 

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